GAS PRICES: Surrey Board of Trade Calls for Immediate Pause on Provincial Fuel Tax and the Need for A Comprehensive BC Tax Review

The Surrey Board of Trade is urging the BC Government to pause the provincial fuel tax to alleviate pressure at the pump.

“The Surrey Board of Trade calls on the Provincial Government to follow Alberta’s lead and pause the provincial fuel tax,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “In fact, in these unprecedented times, the BC Government needs to commit to a comprehensive review of all taxes to support businesses.”

“As the effects of the pandemic continue, the cost of living and the price of goods continue to escalate. Recent and significant gas price increases are yet another burden on the business community. Government should be doing what they can to support businesses and that is through reduced taxation.”

The Surrey Board of Trade asks that the BC Government to immediately cease collection of the provincial fuel tax until global circumstances improve.

Undoubtedly investments in green technologies are essential, but reliance on oil and gas in the medium and short term is a reality, and that must be addressed. Government should work with gas companies to ensure consumers aren’t repeatedly faced with increasing costs.

An additional 18.5 cents per litre is paid in Metro Vancouver, which goes to TransLink to help pay for local transit. Including the TransLink levy, Metro Vancouver motorists pay a total 73 cents tax on every litre of gas. Of that, 10 cents per litre is carbon tax which, in April, will go up to 11 cents. Anyone in BC who makes more than $44,842 a year is also no longer eligible for the BC carbon tax rebate of $197. And to cap it off, another carbon tax is set to be imposed federally at the end of the year. It’s expected that it will bring an additional 16 cents to the per litre pump price of gasoline.

A comprehensive review of provincial taxes should also include verification of what the taxes are being used for, such as reinvestments in green/electrical infrastructure.


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