Surrey Board of Trade Disappointed with Announcement on Prolific Offender Plan

Attorney General David Eby and Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth announced their plan to deal with prolific offenders today. The purpose of the plan is to understand the current system and services available to prolific offenders through two experts. These experts will then provide a report on the situation and offer recommendations to the Provincial Government and BC’s Urban Mayors’ Caucus (BCUMC).

“The Surrey Board of Trade is disappointed with the path the BC Government is pursuing to address the issues repeat offenders are causing businesses,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “The Provincial Government already has a report on hand that contains potential pilot projects and recommendations on how to deal with prolific offenders, but many of these have not been implemented. While this new investigation may provide an updated picture, we have yet to see the Blue Ribbon Report recommendations implemented.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade has had a longstanding policy on prolific offenders because the economic development of any community relies upon its reputation to be a safe, viable region in which to locate and do business in, with supporting infrastructure, community assets and, most importantly, customers willing to go into businesses.”

Housing, counselling, rehabilitation programs, and employment skills are essential to reintegrating prolific offenders into society. Greater supportive programs are also needed.

The details of the plan announced today include:

–       Hiring an Investigation Panel composed of Doug LePard and Amanda Butler;

–       Reaching out to key stakeholders;

–       Exploring specific proposals already received by government for feasibility of implementation and effectiveness in mitigating chronic property crime and violent offences; and,

–       Compiling findings in a written report prepared and returned to the ministers within 120 days.

Read the details of the crime plan here.

Read the Blue Ribbon Report here.

Read the Surrey Board of Trade policy here.


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