SURREY HEALTH CARE NEWS: Surrey Hosts Canada-India Healthcare Conference June 17-19

The Canada India Network Society (CINS) and the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPIO) will host their transformative conference connecting Canadian and Indian physicians, healthcare technologies and health care empowerment. This year’s conference is focused on women’s health.

“This two-day event will be innovative, transformative, and packed with ideas and recommendations for a better, healthy society,” said Dr. Arun Garg, organizer of the CINS Conference.

The program will engage and empower individuals and communities on healthcare from a social and economic innovation lens beyond the pandemic. The uniqueness of the program is that it incorporates the best of the healthcare strategies from the east and west over two days focused on diversity, equity, and culture. Women’s health topics to be included are cancer, mental wellness, diabetes and pregnancy, leadership challenges, and cultural limitations.“The conference will open a new vista of integrative thinking with thought leaders and practicing physicians from both Canada and India sharing transformative innovative pathways for a healthy civil society.”

The conference is open to the public and is free to attend. Pre-registration is required.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Arun Garg