Monthly archive for July 2022

On July 25, the BC Government announced an opportunity for community-based literacy programs to receive funding for adult learning programs.“The Surrey Board of Trade supports more investments into the skills and education of our workforce, which is an essential economic policy of the organization,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.According

The Ministry of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation announced a new Centre for Agritech Innovation at the Simon Fraser University campus in Surrey.“We are pleased that the BC Government has spearheaded a centre for agritech to be located in Surrey not only because one-third of our land base is allocated to agricultural use but

INFORMATION AND IMAGES BELOWThe Surrey Board of Trade, with its Surrey International Trade Centre, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Taiwan Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT), which is the largest and most influential trade organization in Taiwan."The objectives of the MOU are to enhance import and export connections

FULL REPORTThe Surrey Board of Trade has released the results of the #SurreyStrong Shop Local Campaign’s shopper survey. The report intended to help local retailers understand the priorities of Surrey shoppers and how they can adapt their business to draw in more customers.“The campaign builds on our work from the previous year with…

The Surrey Board of Trade recommends that federal, provincial and municipal governments reduce the voting age to 16 for all elections. The reduction is needed to ensure civic engagement, education, and sustained participation in elections into their future.“Those individuals that are 16+ are contributing to the economy - paying taxes, participating in our workforce

Until 1993, a corporate or business vote existed in BC municipal elections. It refers to the ability of businesses in a specific city to vote in local government elections. Businesses contribute substantially to the social and economic development of the city, however, have no say in representation from a business perspective.“Businesses bear the burden

Health care, natural resources, public administration, information/culture/recreation and technology sectors are leading Surrey’s jobs recovery.FULL REPORTThe July 2022 Surrey Labour Market Intelligence Report has been released by the Surrey Board of Trade.“Tracking labour market trends in an ongoing way is important to ensure our policy framework is focused on developing a suitably…

Commercial Property Tax Increases Unacceptable and Unsustainable for BusinessesOver the past month, the Surrey Board of Trade has received numerous complaints about the high percentage of property tax increases for businesses.“Class 5 and 6 are facing on average increases as high as 14.5% and 7.2% this year, respectively,” said Anita Huberman, President &