FEDERAL BUDGET 2023 Needs to Focus on Tax Review, Technology and Resource Investments

The Federal Government has invited the public and stakeholders to provide key budget recommendations in advance of the 2023 federal budget.

“The Surrey Board of Trade provides input on budgets at all levels of government based on concerns and policy priorities indicated by our members,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

This year, we indicated five priorities that the Federal Government should focus on:

1.     Conducting a comprehensive tax review;

2.     Creating a multilateral technology advisory group;

3.     Examining arts and culture in Canada to strengthen the industry;

4.     Omitting oil and gas projects from sustainable finance taxonomies; and,

5.     Expediting critical mineral projects and expanding the list of priority minerals.

Read the full submission here.


Anita Huberman, 604-634-0342,