Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with Highway 99-32 Avenue Interchange Improvements but Adding More Lanes Will Not Solve Congestion

The BC Government will be making changes to the Highway 99 and 32 Avenue interchange entry and exit ramps in Surrey. The $23 million project will add new lanes to both exit and entry ramps and lengthen the southbound exit ramp to the 32 Avenue Diversion.

“Previous Surrey Board of Trade Road Survey Reports have indicated the need for widening the Highway 99 and 32 Avenue interchange,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “But we know that adding more lanes will not completely solve the congestion issues we face in Surrey. We need to heavily invest in different modes of transportation, in addition to buses, so that we can connect all of Surrey.”

The project includes:

  • Adding a new traffic lane on the Highway 99 entry and exit ramps to improve merging and traffic capacity
  • Wider travel lanes on a section of 32 Avenue Diversion and an additional westbound lane under Highway 99 to improve traffic operations to and from the Highway
  • Providing a protected multi-use pathway on the south side of 32 Avenue under Highway 99 to improve active transportation within Surrey and between Surrey and White Rock
  • Extending the Highway 99 southbound exit ramp exit to provide additional queuing capacity during rush hour and prevent queues from backing up onto the Highway

The project construction will occur between Fall 2022 and Summer 2023.

Review the Road Survey Report here

Read the government media release here


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