At the annual Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention to be held in Ottawa from October 14-15, the Surrey Board of Trade will be seeking support for six federal government policies from Canadian Chamber of Commerce members – chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representing 200,000 Canadian businesses. The Surrey Board of Trade will release their policy wins after the policy debates. There are 61 federal government policies being debated at the Convention this year, similar in format to UBCM and FCM.

“The Surrey Board of Trade actively participates in the formation of federal government policy perspectives to help business and the economy by instigating change. This serves as one of our member and stakeholder value propositions,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

Surrey Board of Trade federal government policies that will be debated, from an economic lens, are focused on:

1. Revitalizing the Arts Industry – A Modern Massey Commission
2. Childcare
3. Improving International Student Retention Through Post-Graduation Work Permits
4. Critical Minerals – Critical for Everything from Batteries to National Security
Partnered Resolutions:
5. Natural Assets: Giving a Dollar Value to Forests, Green Spaces and Wetlands to Grow Canadian Business
6. National Economic Impact: Strategic Management of the Lower Fraser River

The Surrey Board of Trade is also one of 30 chambers that will participate in a first-ever Chamber Hill Day organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. This is an opportunity for local chambers and boards of trade to meet with Parliamentarians, key ministerial staff, and Government of Canada officials to advance key policy priorities and build important relationships with key decision-makers at the federal government level. The Surrey Board of Trade will also sit in in the visitors’ gallery for Question Period and be recognized by Parliamentarians.

There are 430 chambers of commerce/boards of trade in Canada. The Surrey Board of Trade is one of the top 10 largest chambers of commerce/boards of trade in Canada.


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