New Surrey Medical Campus Will be a Game Changer for Surrey’s Economy and BC’s Health Care Industry

The Surrey Board of Trade was at today’s BC Government announcement at Simon Fraser University, Surrey (SFU Surrey) where they heard that $4.9 million in start-up funding is being invested to support activities such as accreditation, curriculum planning, engagement, space planning and professional staff to support a new SFU medical school project office.

“We applaud the BC Government on this economic investment in Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “This is a medium to long term solution to address the doctor shortage, and with the November 27th announcement to ensure that our newcomers, who have medical training, can fully participate in the health care industry, this goes a long way to helping to address some solutions to the health care crisis. Education is one of the foundations to driving the economy, and through SFU Surrey’s new medical school, Surrey will be an ecosystem of talent in the health care industry combined with the health care technology innovation at Surrey’s Health and Technology District.”

A roadblock that the BC Government needs to address is that there are very few doctors willing to mentor immigrants that practiced as doctors in their home country, after they pass their medical professional tests and become licensed as fourth year residency students.

“We also need nurses and other health care professionals. Private education colleges can also be a part of the training ecosystem to help alleviate the backlog of students waiting to enter these fields.”



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Quick facts:

The new medical school curriculum will be built on four pillars:

  1. Educate graduates who are well prepared to provide the prevention and primary care needs of diverse communities and populations.
  2. Educate physicians to work in team-based primary care settings that are patient-centred and socially accountable.
  3. Commit to reciprocal community partnerships in the development and implementation of the medical school.
  4. Embed and equalize Indigenous knowledge systems.

This new investment builds on $1.5 million provided to the university earlier this year by the Province to support the development of the business case. A project board has been established to oversee this work. SFU is working toward its first student intake by September 2026.