2023 Surrey Road Survey Says Massive Transportation Improvements Needed

The 2023 Surrey Road Survey results have been released by the Surrey Board of Trade. This 7th survey demands bold change to significantly increase transportation choices, reduce serious injuries and deaths, and help avert the worst impacts of climate change.

The top 3 choices for corridors to be improved are:

1.     152 Street Overpass of Highway 99: Widen to 4 lanes with transit, walking and cycling facilities

2.     80 Avenue: Widen to 4 lanes with walking and cycling facilities from 132 Street to King George Boulevard

3.     64 Avenue: Widen to 4 lanes with walking and cycling facilities from 177 Street to 184 Street

“The Surrey Board of Trade believes that transportation is one of the key economic foundations of building our city,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Representing the interests of our members, we advocate in support of efficient and effective transportation infrastructure improvements. To do this, we need to continually assess areas in Surrey that may be impediments for our businesses, for their workforce and for industry growth. The results of this survey are shared with the City of Surrey for their consideration.”


·       Planning of all major infrastructure projects must anticipate needs and result in infrastructure construction well in advance of increased demand, not long after the capacity is exceeded.

·       All levels of government must work together to develop an inter-regional transit/transportation plan for the South Fraser economic region; one that would not be subject to political interference but based on best transportation practices.

·       Transit usage is consistently low over the history of the survey. This year, 4.5 percent indicated they use transit for their daily commute.

·       Travelling to and from work, as well as heading out to sales calls, meetings, and other errands, can consume a good portion of a workday.

·       78.7% drove their own vehicle to work – down from 2021 (91.9%).

·       46.1% travel throughout the South Fraser (Surrey plus options combined).

·       73.4% of respondents stated that we should have and definitely need new/increased bus service to neighbourhoods not served by transit.

·       80.6% want the Pattullo Bridge to have 6 lanes available on opening day.

·       52.2% want a bridge (whether as originally planned or with fewer lanes) to replace the Massey Tunnel.



The Surrey Board of Trade is Surrey’s city-building business organization to support business and attract business through a diversified service portfolio. The organization is one of the top 10 largest boards of trade/chambers of commerce in Canada (there are 430). 10 percent of our 6,000 member contacts responded to this survey.