Monthly archive for February 2023

On February 24, the Metro Vancouver Board adopted a Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy.“The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased that the Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy has been adopted by all Metro Vancouver municipalities, including Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Metro Vancouver needs to work with industry

The February 2023 Surrey Labour Market Intelligence Report has been released by the Surrey Board of Trade.“Tracking labour market trends in an ongoing way is important to ensure our policy framework is focused on developing a suitably skilled workforce, a broad availability of good-quality education as a foundation for future training, and a close

Surrey is going to be the largest city in British Columbia soon, but a report from the Surrey Board of Trade called ‘Surrey’s Hospital Needs’ says services are severely insufficient. Residents can't be treated within the city's borders for the three leading causes of death - heart attack, stroke, and trauma, in addition to necessary

On this Pink Shirt Day, we formally recognize that bullying and harassment has no place in our life, and for the Surrey Board of Trade within our industry mandate, no place in the workplace. This day serves as a reminder that bullying continues to be a major issue that impacts not only the psychological well

The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission published its report outlining proposed changes to the federal electoral boundaries for British Columbia. The proposed changes still need to be approved by the federal government.“We disagree with the recommended redistribution of electoral boundaries because some Surrey Members of Parliament will have to focus on two cities instead of one, limiting