Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy Applauded by Surrey Board of Trade

On February 24, the Metro Vancouver Board adopted a Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is pleased that the Metro 2050 Regional Growth Strategy has been adopted by all Metro Vancouver municipalities, including Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Metro Vancouver needs to work with industry to drive and measure results for efficient land use and economic opportunities.”

A regional growth strategy works toward, but is not limited by:

  1. Avoiding urban sprawl and ensuring that development takes place where adequate facilities exist or can be provided in a timely, economic and efficient manner
  2. Developing settlement patterns that minimize the use of automobiles and encourage walking, cycling and the efficient use of public transit
  3. Developing settlement patterns that minimize the risks associated with natural hazards
  4. Moving goods and people efficiently while making effective use of transportation and utility corridors
  5. Protecting environmentally sensitive areas
  6. Maintaining the integrity of a secure and productive resource base, including agricultural and forest land reserves
  7. Economic development that supports the unique character of communities
  8. Reducing and preventing air, land and water pollution
  9. Supporting adequate, affordable and appropriate housing
  10. Developing adequate inventories of suitable land and resources for future settlement
  11. Protecting the quality and quantity of groundwater and surface water
  12. Preserving, creating and linking urban and rural open spaces including parks and recreation areas
  13. Planning for energy supply and promoting efficient use, conservation and alternative forms of energy
  14. Engaging in good stewardship of land, sites and structures with cultural heritage value

The Surrey Board of Trade looks forward to working with Metro Vancouver to ensure that the City of Surrey is not limited by the scope of this plan, and will enhance livability that is conducive to economic growth and vitality.