Surrey City Budget Property Taxation a Significant Concern for Businesses

The Surrey Board of Trade will be presenting to the City of Surrey Finance Committee on March 6 on their observations and recommendations on the proposed 2023 Budget and Five Year Financial Plan.

“The Surrey Board of Trade is very concerned about ongoing, uncertain property tax increases for businesses through this proposed budget,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “It is business that bears the greatest burden of taxation by all levels of government. The proposed City of Surrey budget and other regional and provincial tax increases are stifling businesses to grow in an already challenging economy.”

Survey responses and detailed recommendations were sent to the City of Surrey.


The Surrey Board of Trade is mandated to review and make recommendations on government budgets to instigate change and share ideas to better our economy to ensure businesses thrive in an environment where they and their employees can live, learn, work and play. The Surrey Board of Trade monitors public sector spending to maximize productivity in the economy and encourage growth in the private sector.


Anita Huberman, President and CEO