With global natural gas consumption levels projected to continue growing through 2050 and beyond, Canada needs to capitalize on its ability to create some of the lowest-emission facilities in the world.

“Without much needed investment in infrastructure projects, our economy will not be able to recover to its fullest potential,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Efficient and effective investment into natural resource industry sectors, specifically the LNG industry, will drive our economy locally, provincially and globally and at the same time support local businesses and cities.”

The Surrey Board of Trade calls on federal, provincial, and municipal governments to work together to bring LNG projects online in a timely manner and reduce permitting wait times and approvals by 20-30%.

Reasons to support Canada’s LNG:

1. Canadian LNG will help drastically reduce global emissions in Asia and elsewhere by displacing coal-fired power with some of the least-carbon-intensive LNG produced anywhere on the planet.

2. BC LNG projects have widespread support from First Nations looking to these projects as means of economic reconciliation.

3. Global LNG demand is projected to grow 76% by 2040, with supply shortages expected to emerge in the late 2020s. Sustainably produced Canadian LNG can and should play a major role in fueling the world’s energy needs.

4. Japan and South Korea are just a few of Canada’s trading partners who want more of our responsibly produced energy – we should do everything we can to help them find more reliable sources of supply.

5. With a strong LNG sector in BC, Canada could see hundreds of billions of dollars in new economic activity, thousands of new jobs and significant tax revenues to governments to help pay for things like schools, hospitals and roads.

On May 18, the Surrey Board of Trade will be hosting the Honourable Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation. She will provide updates on her goals and priorities for the Ministry under her leadership. A panel of expert leaders will be showcased to speak specifically to LNG, mining, and forestry industries on the current state of their sectors.



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