Surrey Board of Trade Pleased with Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Approval by Federal Government

On April 20, the Government of Canada announced that the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project can proceed subject to 370 legally binding conditions to protect the environment, including to prevent harm to local species.

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project (RBT2) is a needed new marine container terminal at Roberts Bank in Delta, BC on Canada’s west coast. The project is necessary to ensure Canada can deliver on its trade commitments and ambitions.

The project will create 18,000 jobs during construction; more than 17,300 ongoing jobs, and an estimated $3 billion in GDP annually once built, and $631 million in tax revenue. Over 100 hectares of new industrial land will be created. The terminal will have up to three berths for container ships and will have significant economic impact to Surrey, and to Canada.

“The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project will play a critical role in supporting Canadian businesses shipping goods to and from market,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “It will keep Canada competitive and open for trade with growing economies around the world, and well into the future.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade has consistently supported the RBT2 project because without adequate investment in important infrastructure endeavors like this, Canada will be left behind in economic growth and trading capacity. Our regional communities will benefit from the project through increased jobs, improved infrastructure around the project area, and greater taxes generated via job creation, as well as enhanced goods delivery and increased capacity.”