Cannabis Policy Framework Needs to be Business Led

Three months after the release of the Surrey Board of Trade’s Cannabis Industry Policy Paper and Cannabis Industry Leadership Dialogue, there has been no movement by the City of Surrey on an implementation framework to allow for cannabis retailers to operate in Surrey.

“We have seen unprecedented success across BC, but we have yet to see a framework presented to Surrey council,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Surrey can implement a safe and efficient cannabis regulatory framework, including amendments to zoning bylaws, business licence bylaws, bylaw notice enforcement bylaws, and municipal ticket information bylaws.”

As a rapidly growing industry that contributes over $17 billion to the Canadian economy annually, the legal cannabis industry creates thousands of direct jobs, with tens of thousands of ancillary jobs linked to its success.

We are hopeful that the City of Surrey can also deal with this industry matter concurrent with other civic matters to give industry and stakeholders adequate time to comment on the strategy.