Monthly archive for October 2023

Today a media launch took place to formally announce the Save Our Streets Campaign and Coalition. The Surrey Board of Trade participated in this media launch as a member of the coalition and the campaign.“The Surrey Board of Trade encourages businesses to join the coalition and the campaign to come forward to let the

October 30, 2023-11:00amThe location is 351 Abbott Street (near Hastings) – the atrium between London Drugs and Nesters market - and the livestream address is: 89507211070?pwd= eUk2NHY1ZEhzRDVzUUtQVGI3TExLUT 09For those attending virtually, if prompted for a passcode to access, please enter: 621882This is a media launch to introduce SOS.Surrey Board of

The Surrey Board of Trade advocates for red tape reduction for businesses. Red tape is excessive bureaucracy, routines, rules and complexity at all levels of government which causes delays or unreasonable costs to businesses. Filing forms and applying for licenses are a part of doing business, however, the Surrey Board of Trade wants to ensure

Disclosed in a recent report presented to the Lower Mainland's Mayors' Council, a daunting structural deficit of $4.7 billion was revealed on October 26, 2023. This deficit reflects the expected difference between planned expenses and anticipated revenues unless corrective actions are taken in the years ahead.“These corrective actions could compromise Surrey – an area

On October 23, the BC Government introduced legislation that will allow internationally educated professionals, such as engineers, social workers, early childhood educators, paramedics, teachers and biologists, to start working. The legislation will require regulatory bodies to remove barriers in 29 professions and make it easier and quicker for those qualified professionals to seek credential recognition, no

The Surrey Board of Trade, the BC Construction Association (BCCA), the Electrical Contractors Association of BC (ECABC), the Mechanical Contractors Association of BC (MCABC), and 30 industry partners, united in a shared cause, sent a letter to BC Attorney General Niki Sharma to emphasize the critical importance of Prompt Payment Legislation, Lien Reform, and Adjudication

The October 2023 Surrey Labour Market Intelligence Report (LMI) has been released by the Surrey Board of Trade.“Tracking labour market trends in an ongoing way is important to ensure our policy framework is focused on developing a suitably skilled workforce, a broad availability of good-quality education as a foundation for future training, and a

On October 16, Surrey Mayor and Council endorsed the operation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, in a new separated lane, along King George Boulevard from City Centre to South Surrey. The direction to city staff was to work with TransLink to advance its design.“This is a significant step towards connecting Surrey together

At the annual Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention in Calgary on October 13-14, the Surrey Board of Trade won the support of 430 chambers of commerce and boards of trade in Canada on their policy to instigate change on pension innovation.“There are 10 million Canadian workers who are not members of a private sector