Surrey Board of Trade Concerned About Business Taxation with Two Police Forces in 2024

The Surrey Board of Trade recently sent a letter to Minister Mike Farnworth addressing public safety in Surrey and requesting a clear plan and communication to the City of Surrey for the phase 2 implementation of a new police force.

“Surrey residents and businesses need a solid policing strategy with adequate wrap-around support services and infrastructure,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “There is no evidence that moving to a municipal police force will increase public safety, nor will it stop the movement of police officers from other jurisdictions to build up the appropriate number of police officers needed in Surrey. We are already behind with no new police hires over the past five years.”

“The Surrey Board of Trade is very concerned about how a new police force, or two police forces in the interim, will impact business taxation. It is always businesses that bear the brunt of increased taxation. This is a costly transition where a police force will be created with no support from the Federal Government or training jurisdictions. All infrastructure and ancillary support infrastructure will need to be created.”

There is no clearly defined plan for phase 2 implementation of a new police force. The transition began in early 2019 and continued until 2022 when the new Surrey City Council was appointed. It has been close to 5 years since the beginning of the transition – phase 1 has not been completed and there is no plan for phase 2.

As the City of Surrey consults with the public on its 2024 city budget, businesses and homeowners are left with great uncertainty as to what their property tax bill will be next year.

A liaison was appointed between the Provincial Government and the City of Surrey. No public comments or materials have been released highlighting the work done thus far.

Read the letter.


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