Surrey Board of Trade and Mississauga Board of Trade Want Federal Government Support for Refugees

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Mississauga Board of Trade are asking the Federal Government to enhance support for refugees to ensure better economic outcomes and workforce pathways.

“Government assisted refugees fleeing oppression, persecution, violence, war, famine, and disasters are coming to Canada without a community sponsoring them and are trying to adapt to a new culture and climate,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “We need to ensure these government assisted refugees can enter the workforce in a streamlined and innovative way by ensuring they receive the education and language training required to work in Canada.”

“Additionally, employers need to have incentives and education to hire these individuals that may have tremendous knowledge. With these supports, refugees can become acclimated to Canada much more easily.”

“The Mississauga Board of Trade is happy to work with the Surrey Board of Trade,” said Trevor McPherson, President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade. “Helping refugees is not only morally right, but also helpful for the Canadian economy. Helping refugees to integrate quickly into Canadian society was – and continues to be – Canadian Chamber of Commerce policy.  We hope that this policy can lead to even more success in refugees becoming substantial contributors to the Canadian economy for years to come.”

Recommendations to the Federal Government:

1.     Support Government Assisted Refugees by working with employers to provide access to employment supports including English and French language training; and,

2.     Provide wage incentives for employers who provide employment within the first two years of settlement of a Government Assisted Refugee.