Surrey Board of Trade and Richmond Chamber of Commerce Call on the Federal Government to Enhance Port Investment

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce want the Federal Government to act on enhancing port infrastructure.

“To ensure that the Canadian economy can continue to grow, investment in infrastructure and technology related to imports, exports and advancements in shipping are necessary,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “Infrastructure projects and technological advancements improve efficiencies and commodity pricing and will ensure Canada remains competitive on the world stage.”

“The effective and sustainable movement of people and goods is not just critical for employers in Metro Vancouver, but for businesses across Canada,” said Shaena Furlong, President & CEO, Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce recommend that the Federal Government:

1.     Guarantee that port infrastructure projects across the country receive support and timely investments.

2.     Work with the supply chain industry, in particular marine terminal operators, drayage companies, railways and port authorities to invest in digital technologies that allow seamless communication with the technology used by large commercial shipping companies.

3.     Work with provincial and territorial governments to ensure that industrial land is protected so that it may be used to enhance port activity.