December Surrey Labour Report Shows 3.7% Growth – Adding Almost 12,000 Jobs

The 2023 December Surrey Labour Market Intelligence Report has been released by the Surrey Board of Trade.

“Job growth was driven by key service sectors and mixed growth in goods-producing sectors,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

The largest industry employment sectors in Surrey in November 2023 were mainly traditional staple sectors:

  1. Wholesale and retail trade (54,752 or 16.2% of total jobs in Surrey);
  2. Health care and social assistance (40,534 or 12.0% of total jobs in Surrey);
  3. Construction (32,399 or 9.6% of total jobs in Surrey); and,
  4. Transportation and warehousing (31,934 or 9.4% of total jobs in Surrey).

The sectors with the most negative employment change in Surrey over the last 12 months are estimated to be:

  1. Employment in business, building and other support services declined by a huge 19.3% or -2,964 jobs.
  2. Manufacturing employment in Surrey dropped by 2.6% over the last 12 months (or -736 jobs).
  3. Surrey’s information, culture and recreation sector employment fell -428 jobs or 3.2%.

Over the last 12 months, except for slight growth in resources and construction, Surrey experienced employment growth totally in service-producing sectors. Those with the greatest job growth to November 2023 are estimated to be:

  1. Professional, scientific and technical services employment led the way with an increase of almost 12.5% or over 3,000 jobs;
  2. Transportation and warehousing grew by almost 2,800 jobs or 9.6% over this period;
  3. The “other services” sector grew by over 2,200 jobs for a 18.9% increase; and,
  4. Finance, insurance, real estate and rental and leasing increased by almost 2,000 positions or 13.0% since November 2022.

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