Surrey Board of Trade Requests Detailed Evaluation of CleanBC Investments

The Surrey Board of Trade reached out to the Honourable George Heyman, BC’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, seeking a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of CleanBC investments on the province’s economy and its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CleanBC is at the forefront of British Columbia’s environmental and economic initiatives, aiming to transition the province towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. The Surrey Board of Trade has expressed a keen interest in understanding the specific outcomes of the Province’s investments in this program, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability.

The letter highlighted the importance of such an assessment for strategic planning and alignment of future policies and resources.

“As advocates for a vibrant and sustainable economy, we believe it is critical to evaluate the effectiveness of the investments in CleanBC. This includes understanding the job creation potential, the growth of clean technology industries, and the overall economic benefits these investments have brought to British Columbia,” said Anita Huberman, President and CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. “Balancing environmental aspirations with the practicalities of economic and job market impacts is a complex but necessary endeavour. We are committed to working alongside the government and other stakeholders to ensure that our transition to a low-carbon economy is both effective and economically sustainable.”

The Surrey Board of Trade is particularly interested in:

  • The total provincial investment in CleanBC initiatives.
  • Detailed overviews of projects and programs funded, including their objectives and scope.
  • Data on the reduction of GHG emissions across various economic sectors.
  • Analysis of economic benefits like job creation and innovation.
  • Future plans for investment, including adjustments based on past performance.

Moreover, the letter points to the necessity of integrating carbon pricing with investments in clean technology infrastructure and the importance of international cooperation in carbon pricing efforts.

The Surrey Board of Trade awaits a response from Minister Heyman, hoping for a productive dialogue that will shed light on the effectiveness of CleanBC initiatives and guide future investments towards achieving the Province’s environmental and economic goals.

Read the letter:


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