Surrey Board of Trade Respects Judgement on Surrey’s Police Decision but Significant Concerns Remain about Future of Surrey’s Economic Investments and Tax Increases

Today, Justice Loo dismissed the City of Surrey’s petition, upholding the Province’s right to order the City of Surrey to transition from the RCMP to the Surrey Police Service.

The court has recognized the additional $75 million increase in cost associated with the transition to the Surrey Police Service.

“We are deeply disappointed with today’s judgement. The financial implications of this decision will be significant, particularly for the business community,” Anita Huberman, President & CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. “Higher taxes will not only increase operational costs but may also lead to a reduction in services that are vital for the economic health and overall quality of life in Surrey. It is crucial for the City’s leadership to carefully consider their next steps to mitigate these impacts.”

“We are frustrated that there will be higher taxes in Surrey, especially for businesses. Mayor and Council are reviewing their options. This enormous tax burden will make Surrey more expensive to live, work, and play in.”

Questions still remain about whether this move will reduce crime, what the infrastructure and technology costs will be, how it will affect communication and support mechanisms for the community (residents and businesses), the collaboration with border agencies, the handling of investigation files, and many other related issues.

The Surrey Board of Trade will continue to monitor the situation closely and advocate for the best interests of Surrey’s business community.


Anita Huberman, 604-634-0342,