Surrey Board of Trade Calls for Increased Investments in Active Transportation Infrastructure for Surrey

The Surrey Board of Trade is calling for greater investment in active transportation infrastructure in Surrey to ensure the city does not fall behind other communities in British Columbia. Despite recent provincial investments in active transportation infrastructure across the south coast, southern Interior, and northern regions, Surrey requires additional funding to enhance its transportation networks and promote sustainable, active travel options.

“Surrey has been left behind in terms of infrastructure and investments from the province,” Anita Huberman, President & CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, emphasized, “To keep pace with other communities and to meet the growing demand for safe, efficient, and affordable travel options, Surrey needs substantial investment in active transportation.”

Recent provincial investments, totaling $85 million, aim to improve transportation networks in nine communities, providing more direct connections to schools, employment, and recreation. These projects are part of the Active Transportation Capital Fund, which is building overpasses, trail networks, and bike lanes to offer residents new ways to travel within and between their communities. However, Surrey, a rapidly growing city, requires similar attention and funding to support its residents in choosing active transportation options.

The Surrey Board of Trade is advocating for more projects in Surrey, emphasizing the necessity for investments to bridge gaps between existing networks and build a robust foundation for future active transportation infrastructure. Collaboration with Indigenous and local governments is crucial to select and implement projects that meet the unique needs of Surrey’s diverse communities.

“Investing in active transportation infrastructure is not just about enhancing mobility, it’s about creating a sustainable future, improving public health, and fostering economic growth. Surrey deserves its share of these benefits.”

Read the Surrey Board of Trade policy on active transportation here.

Read the BC Government news release here.


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