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SBOT_Logo_BusinessPartners_V1_FAMcQuarrie LLP, has served Surrey, as well as New Westminster and the Fraser Valley even prior to its formalization as McQuarrie Hunter in 1967.  In 2010, the firm consolidated its three offices (one in New Westminster and two in Surrey) into our current state-of-the-art facility in Central City.

McQuarrie Hunter is the largest multi-practice law firm in Surrey serving businesses of all sizes as well as institutions and individuals.  Our practice areas include business law and land development as well as commercial litigation, employment law, estate planning and administration, wealth management, estate litigation, family law and personal injury law.

Should your business be in start-up mode and require incorporation and shareholders’ agreements, be growing and require reorganization or employment law advice, or even if you are wrapping up your business and require succession planning assistance, McQuarrie Hunter has the people and expertise to help.  The firm also handles land development, commercial and residential real estate, conveyancing and commercial leasing.  And, all businesses have people, so,  should you have a family issue, a motor vehicle accident, or if you want to discuss wealth management or estate planning, we have the resources to work with you on these issues as well.

McQuarrie Hunter LLP
15th Floor, Central City Tower, Suite 1500
13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 5X3
T: 604.581.7001

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