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The Surrey Board of Trade released the results of the 2024 Surrey Roads Survey, the eighth survey which asks businesses about their perspective on Surrey’s network of over 4,500 lane kilometers of roads, which is seeing an increasing number of commuter and commercial users. Over 900 business representatives responded to the survey.“We need planning

The Surrey Board of Trade expresses profound concern regarding the looming threat of a strike by the union representing approximately 180 transit supervisors that would shut down bus and SeaBus services, which will disrupt the lives of our business community and their workforce, who heavily rely on transit services each day.“The Surrey Board of

CUPE Local 4500, which represents 180 transit workers, initiated job action on January 6th. They have begun refusing overtime and warn of delays, cancellations, and even more crowded buses.“The Surrey Board of Trade calls for a swift resolution to this job action which could compromise workers, business, and our economy,” said Jasroop Gosal, Policy

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Burnaby Board of Trade are instigating change on electrical vehicle battery charging infrastructure.Canada has proposed regulations that indicate one-fifth of all passenger cars, SUVs and trucks sold in Canada in 2026 will need to operate on electricity, and battery lifespans are estimated to be between 10-20 years.

Surrey's King George Boulevard will be one of the first three corridors to experience Metro Vancouver's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) initiative. This high-frequency rapid transit service will feature some dedicated bus lanes, and rail-like stations, addressing transportation issues in the region.“While the complete implementation of the BRT is anticipated to take five years, the

The Surrey Board of Trade and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce want the Federal Government to act on enhancing port infrastructure.“To ensure that the Canadian economy can continue to grow, investment in infrastructure and technology related to imports, exports and advancements in shipping are necessary,” said Anita Huberman, President & CEO, Surrey Board of

In a significant step towards fostering sustainable and efficient urban growth, the BC Government introduced a new proposed legislation to define and formalize Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) regulations. These new regulations, set to pass in early December, will help provide a clear framework for local governments to promote higher density around transit hubs, including rail stations,

Disclosed in a recent report presented to the Lower Mainland's Mayors' Council, a daunting structural deficit of $4.7 billion was revealed on October 26, 2023. This deficit reflects the expected difference between planned expenses and anticipated revenues unless corrective actions are taken in the years ahead.“These corrective actions could compromise Surrey – an area