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Digital Marketing Courses for Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs and their teams can build their confidence in social media, e-commerce, and online advertising. 15+ hours of Digital Marketing training prepared by the #1 ranked Digital Strategy agency in Vancouver.

What You’ll Learn From This Course:

  • Understand how digital marketing disciplines all work together, and how to optimize your use of each one
  • How to lead your own marketing initiative for your company
  • How to launch a Shopify store
  • How to start marketing on Facebook & Instagram
  • Have confidence with running your own digital advertising
  • Get access to tools to save time & improve results

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Learn How to Take Your Business Online

Are you excited about the potential opportunities for yourself or your business online? Perhaps you’ve known the value of digital marketing for a while, but you just didn’t know how to get started. This is exactly why we designed this course with our partners at Blue Meta.

We are passionate about helping small organizations take their business online and grow. We’ve done it for hundreds of companies and past clients in our agency, Blue Meta. Not only have we helped other businesses grow online but we’ve used that same methodology to fuel our own growth. We practice what we preach, and recently we decided it was time to reach a lot more businesses and help them get started down that journey.

Explore the Curriculum

  • Introduction to Social Media for Business – In this course you’ll learn how to choose the right social channels, create a social media strategy, develop your brand on social, create a content plan and how to really know your audience.
  • Facebook for Business – In this course you’ll learn how to setup a Facebook business account, steps to boost your next Facebook post, how to setup your ad account and ways to optimize your ads for the best results.
  • Instagram for Business – In this course you’re going to learn about setting up a business account, sponsored and boosted posts, reading analytics, creating an audience, planning content, influencer marketing and contests & partnerships.
  • LinkedIn for Business – In our LinkedIn For Business course, you’re going to learn how to setup your business page, how to run sponsored posts, setting up your first ad, creating audiences in LinkedIn and understanding your ad data.
  • Top Marketing Tools for Business – After working with hundreds of clients, we’ve developed a long list of tools that help you get better results, save time and money. We’ll save you months of searching and learning the hard way.
  • Building Your First Shopify Ecommerce Store – Is the prospect of moving your store online daunting? We break it down step-by-step and show you how to launch your own Shopify store.
  • Running Profitable Google Search Ads – Google Ads are one of the easiest ways to lose money, if you don’t know how to win. The limited space for ads makes it a winner-take-all ad channel that prints money for the winners.

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Who is the Digital Marketing Academy for?

  • Small businesses who need to make the transition online
  • Anyone looking to start a new career in digital marketing

Meet Your Instructors

Through solving complex problems and delivering results, Ricky has been able to help hundreds of companies meet their targets with digital marketing. While his passion for technology has fuelled his personal growth, Ricky is most proud of the team members he’s been able to coach and help develop their own successful careers in digital marketing.

Ricky Bandelin 

Chief Marketing Officer @ Blue Meta

With a passion for learning Tianna is no stranger to the ever changing digital world. She may love all things digital but Tianna is also an avid reader and appreciates a good paperback book from time to time. When Tianna is not reading or learning you can find her scuba diving 60 feet below.

Tianna Mamalick

Digital Specialist @ Blue Meta

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