Surrey Environment & Business Awards

Surrey Environment Business AwardsThe Surrey Board of Trade Environment & Business Awards are presented to Surrey based businesses or Surrey Board of Trade members who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to environmental leadership and/or issues. This may take the form of hands-on-work through recycling, promoting environmental awareness or education, pursuing ground-breaking environmental research, innovative environmental technology and/or partnerships with the community to promote the environment.

The Surrey Board of Trade welcomed keynote speaker Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Visionary Environmental Activist and Business Leader for the 2019 event.

Son of former New York Senator and U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an agent of change among environmental activists. He shares a bold vision for the future, in which energy independence and sustainable technology revitalize the economy. Kennedy is a co-founder and President of Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental protection organization focused on the preservation and conservation of water resources. A partner in Silicon Valley’s VantagePoint Ventures Partners’ CleanTech investment team, Kennedy was named one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Agents of Change.” With captivating oratory talents and a clear and achievable vision, Kennedy will adeptly convince you that it is truly possible to protect the planet and make the world a better place for future generations.


Nominations are closed for 2019. Please check back for nominations in 2020.

Award Categories

Small, Medium and Large Business

Circular Economy Award

Is your business a part of the Resource Revolution that re-invents, re-thinks and re-defines how we use materials? Then you are a part of the circular economy. You keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them while in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life. Participating in a circular economy means that your business or organization:

  • Reduces waste
  • Drives greater resource productivity
  • Addresses emerging resource security/scarcity issues in the future
  • Helps reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption
  • Focuses on the three priority areas: Food and Drink; Clothing and Textiles; and Electricals and Electronics – all of which are underpinned by resource management
  • Implements plans to extract the maximum value and use from raw materials, products and waste, fostering energy savings and reducing Green House Gas emissions.


Please submit your nomination to:

Rhona Doria
101-14439 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M1
T: 604.634.0344
F: 604.588.7549

2019 Winners

Small Business Award – Tailwind Energy Group

Medium Business Award – A Rocha Canada

Large Business Award – School District #36 (Surrey)

Circular Economy Award – Renewi Canada

2019 Finalists

Small Business Category

1.     Eat the Dishes

Eat the Dishes provides zero waste meals where every part of the meal, including the bread cup which it is served in, is 100% edible and compostable. They bring zero waste, plant-based eating to the mainstream, serving soups, hot chocolates, chili and ice cream. Founder Marissa Bergeron has sampled street food in many countries around the world and found the same issue – high amounts of waste due to single-use products often made of materials that are not only toxic to produce, but will take thousands of years to decompose in a landfill. Through trial and error, Marissa has created a product that can hold hot liquids for over two hours – plenty of time for consumption. After, the dish is also edible, or it can be put in the compost. Another innovative aspect of Eat the Dishes is that their products are 100% vegan. 51% of Vancouver’s ecological footprint is attributed to food consumption, with dairy and meat being high contributors. Eat the Dishes is a solution to problems that impact both waste and plant-based diets.

2.     Gallop International Trading Co., Ltd.

Gallop International Trading Co. Ltd is dedicated to promoting, commercializing and distributing compostable food packaging and cutlery products called Plant Plus. Gallop currently carries compostable straws in several diameter sizes and length to meet different customers’ needs, plans to expand more packaging and cutlery products as they become commercialized. Plant Plus is an innovative, dedicated and mindful source for eco-friendly packaging solutions. On a humble quest to revolutionize the food and beverage industry and effectively save the world, Plant Plus creates and distributes products made through plant fibre polymer technology. This ground-breaking and patented process utilizes existing industry standard machines and methods to turn renewable resources like brewing waste, coffee grounds, farming scraps and other plant fibres into high quality and eco-friendly disposable materials. The result is plastic-free, non-toxic, fully sustainable and compostable materials that biodegrade within 6-8 months.

3.     Tailwind Energy Group

Tailwind Energy Group provides safe, reliable and cost-efficient electrical services and innovative energy solutions. Their commitment is to undertake business in an environmentally sustainable manner which adheres to all applicable standards for the safety of the environment. They also strive to align their business with the expectations of their employees and of the communities they serve, while abiding by all applicable environmental regulations. Their One for One Lighting Program allows them to donate an LED lightbulb. Tailwind typically donates 10 LED type A light bulbs to a family which in turn will save the family about $120 per year on their energy bill. Working together with government representatives, power company liaisons and community organizations, Tailwind aims to provide energy efficient lighting to those who cannot afford upgrades while lowering the collective footprint on the environment.

Medium Business Category

1.     A Rocha Canada

A Rocha Canada is a registered charity whose mission is to transform people and places into healthy communities through three core programs: conservation science (research and restoration of watersheds), sustainable community agriculture, and environmental education for all ages. A Rocha’s BC hub is now an environmental centre, heritage site and sustainable farm. It is a living classroom for ecological stewardship, sustainable living, and community hospitality, located in the Little Campbell Watershed, an area that is extremely rich in biodiversity. A Rocha Canada has been in Surrey for over 10 years, and their other projects are located in Houston, BC, Manitoba and Ontario.

2.     Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team (START) at Simon Fraser University

The Sustainable Transportation Research Team (START) is a research collaborative at Simon Fraser University, under the leadership of Dr. Jonn Axsen, that focuses on the transition to lower impact transportation systems. START produces policy, and industry relevant sustainable transportation research in three key aspects of transportation: vehicles and drivetrains, fuels and infrastructure, and mobility and travel demand. For each aspect, START aims to produce comprehensive research to assess different transportation technologies, practices, and solutions according to technological feasibility, consumer and citizen acceptance, business and innovation strategy, and public policy. START takes a unique, interdisciplinary approach to low-carbon transportation solutions, integrating insights from quantitative research methods, energy-economy modelling, consumer and citizen surveys, stakeholder interviews, media analysis, and policy analysis.

3.     Surrey Beekeepers Association

The Surrey Beekeepers Association is dedicated to better beekeeping. Their purpose is to encourage and promote keeping of bees through effective management methods, education and mentoring programs, exhibitions and demonstrations. The Surrey Beekeepers Association exists to help beekeepers to navigate the demand­ing landscape and weather patterns and overcome challenges that might affect the colonies. Their SBA members reach out and educate the public about choices they can make to support bees. This may be in the form of supporting sustainable farming and farm to table, planting wildflower (weed) gardens, or asking questions when buying seeds. At the same time, they encourage the beekeepers and the public to look at the beauty of bees, buzzing around flowers busy collecting nectar while pollinating at the same time. In 2017, the Surrey Beekeepers Association, in cooperation with Blackwood Partners Management Corporation started a Bee-Hive Project on the roof of Central City Mall. To this day, the bees are doing exceptionally well despite the windy and asphalt roofing and the honey harvest from these bees has been a big surprise.

Large Business Category

1.     Renewi Canada

In 2018, Renewi Canada opened North America’s first fully integrated closed-loop organic waste management facility featuring dry anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting in Surrey. The Surrey Biofuel Facility is the first of its kind with the capacity to process 100% of the City’s curb-side organic waste and convert it into renewable natural gas to fuel the city’s fleet of natural gas vehicles; helping Metro Vancouver achieve its regional waste diversion goal of 80% by 2020. Renewi was responsible for the design, construction and private project financing, and will continue to operate and maintain the Surrey Biofuel Facility for a 25-year period. The facility receives source separated organics and leaf and yard waste from the City of Surrey as well as the Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Pitt Meadows, as well as industrial and commercial waste.

2.     School District #36 (Surrey)

Environmental sustainability isn’t just one project for Surrey Schools. The district strives to incorporate environmental sustainability into day-to-day operations and integrate environmental sustainability into the curriculum taught to students. The district has established many sustainability projects. Sustainable Building Design incorporates efficient and low carbon technologies including an air-source heat pump, LED lighting and low flow water fixtures. Rethink Waste is a district-wide program for recycling paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastics, and composting of organics. Energy and Emission Management is headed by a Senior Manager who develops and oversees a program that would measure, monitor and reduce the district’s energy footprint. Energy Efficiency Retrofits continually improves the energy efficiency of Surrey Schools existing building stock with retrofit projects that reduce energy demand in all facilities while improving the comfort of staff and students. Energy Efficient Building Operations uses building automation systems to save energy when facilities are not occupied, while still ensuring comfortable conditions; Active Travel and Green Fleet is a multi-year School Travel Planning Program designed to encourage students to walk, cycle safely or take other forms of active transportation to school. This program is funded by the City of Surrey and supported by partnerships with TravelSmart, RCMP, ICBC and Hub Cycling. Surrey Schools is in a unique position to extend their environmental endeavours far beyond the boundaries of the organization’s operations by providing education on environmental sustainability and ecology to their students.

3.     Terrapure Environmental Solutions

Terrapure is a Canadian-owned environmental services company focused on recovering value from waste and reducing disposal in support of their corporate brand promise: Changing Waste for Good. Terrapure’s Surrey facility is a good example of how wastes are changed for good. The facility is custom designed to remove contaminants and recover valuable products from regulated waste water, fuel and oily sludge collected through the Lower Mainland. Terrapure Surrey actively treats waste water and oily sludge through advanced mechanical and chemical processes to capture recoverable hydrocarbon for recycling into new products. Waste residuals are further treated at the site to remove and reduce hazardous components and minimize environmental risk prior to safe, secure disposal. Terrapure Surrey is supported by a local network of Terrapure facilities including the used oil refinery in North Vancouver and a hazardous waste facility in Delta with on-site recycling and volume minimization systems.

Previous Winners

2018 Winners

Small Business Award – EcoSafe Zero Waste, Inc.

Medium Business Award – Affinity Manufacturing Ltd.

Large Business Award – Powertech Labs, Inc.

Circular Economy Award – FortisBC Energy Inc.

2017 Winners

Small Business Award – The Eco Floor Store

Medium Business Award – SFU – PowerPAD

Large Business Award – Dillon Consulting Limited

Circular Economy Award – Lafarge Canada Inc.

2016 Winners

Small Business Award – Compy Inc.

Medium Business Award – Mansonville Plastics Group of Companies

Large Business Award – Vancity Credit Union

Circular Economy Award – Cascades Recovery Inc.

2015 Winners

Small Sized Business: TBF Environmental Technology Inc.

Medium Sized Business: Executive Mat Service & Janitorial Supply

Large Sized Business: Emterra Environmental

2014 Winners

Small Sized Business: TBF Environmental Technology Inc.

Medium Sized Business: Novex Delivery Solutions

Large Sized Business: Guildford Town Centre

2013 Winners

Small Sized Business: EMPOWER ME Program by Quality Program Services

Medium Sized Business: Laser Valley Technologies Corp.

Large Sized Business: Novo Textiles Co. Ltd.

2012 Winners

Small Sized Business: Urban Cultivator

Medium Sized Business: BC Plant Health Care Inc.

Large Sized Business: Lark Group

2011 Winners

Winner: It’s Your Move!

Honourable Mention: Dr. Eric Kjeang, School of Business Engineering – Mechatronics at SFU

2010 Winners

KNV Chartered Accountants, Environmental Innovation Award Category

Honeybee Centre, Environmental Sustainability Award Category

2009 Winners

PB Copy, Small Business Award Category

Vancity Business Banking, Large Business Award Category

2008 Winner


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