Surrey Police Officer of the Year Awards

Surrey Police Officer of the Year Awards

On October 10, 2019, the Surrey Board of Trade will host the 23rd Annual Surrey Police Officer of the Year and Business Awards. The recognition of the tremendous work of businesses and the Surrey RCMP Detachment, through their exemplary service and commitment to making Surrey a safer place to live and do business in, continues to be the premise of this event.

The Surrey RCMP along with Surrey’s RCMP Auxiliary, civilian employees and volunteers will join members of Surrey’s business community to celebrate those individuals who have been chosen by their peers and the public to receive the Police Officer of the Year Awards. The nominees are judged in the areas of: innovation, commitment, contribution and perseverance.

This event is about hope. It is about working together to make a difference to Surrey. It is about celebrating our collaborative efforts and recognizing the hard work of our Surrey RCMP.

The event celebrates, recognizes and takes great pride in the over 64 years of outstanding service given by the Surrey RCMP Detachment, their staff and volunteer teams.

The Surrey Board of Trade has enjoyed a partnership with the Surrey RCMP over the years and I think this event really started that partnership of community safety with the business community – obtaining feedback on our government advocacy from local, provincial to federal issues that include:

  1. Identity Theft to prompt changes in the criminal code
  2. Counterfeit goods/intellectual property
  3. Judicial Accountability
  4. Crime Reduction Solution Breakfasts in Surrey
  5. Fraud Awareness
  6. CyberCrime

The Surrey Board of Trade has had success in some of these issues where a lot of the language of our recommendations have been incorporated into the Criminal Code – and in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce based in Ottawa – we are working to impact change for the safety of our business community. It is this that is a key economic fundamental to retaining and growing businesses in not only Surrey but across the nation.

These awards, the only one of its kind in Canada, celebrate the work and innovation of our Surrey RCMP. The event continues to support the RCMP Youth Academy.