Surrey Police Officer of the Year Awards

Surrey Police Officer of the Year Awards

On October 5th, 2017, the Surrey Board of Trade will host the 21st Annual Surrey Police Officer of the Year and Business Awards. The recognition of the tremendous work of businesses and the Surrey RCMP Detachment, through their exemplary service and commitment to making Surrey a safer place to live and do business in, continues to be the premise of this event.

The Surrey RCMP along with Surrey’s Auxiliary officers, civilian employees and volunteers will join members of Surrey’s business community to celebrate those individuals who have been chosen by their peers and the public to receive the Police Officer of the Year Awards. The nominees are judged in the areas of: innovation, commitment, contribution and perseverance.

This event is about hope. It is about working together to make a difference to Surrey. It is about celebrating our collaborative efforts and recognizing the hard work of our Surrey RCMP.

The event celebrates, recognizes and takes great pride in the over 63 years of outstanding service given by the Surrey RCMP Detachment, their staff and volunteer teams.

The Surrey Board of Trade has enjoyed a partnership with the Surrey RCMP over the years and I think this event really started that partnership of community safety with the business community – obtaining feedback on our government advocacy from local, provincial to federal issues that include:

  1. Identity Theft to prompt changes in the criminal code
  2. Counterfeit goods/intellectual property
  3. Judicial Accountability
  4. Crime Reduction Solution Breakfasts in Surrey
  5. Fraud Awareness
  6. CyberCrime

The Surrey Board of Trade has had success in some of these issues where a lot of the language of our recommendations have been incorporated into the Criminal Code – and in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce based in Ottawa – we are working to impact change for the safety of our business community. It is this that is a key economic fundamental to retaining and growing businesses in not only Surrey, but across the nation.

These awards, the only one of its kind in Canada, celebrate the work and innovation of our Surrey RCMP. The event continues to support the RCMP Youth Academy.


Nominations are closed for 2017. Please check back for the 2018 nomination form.

Award Categories

  1. Police Municipal Employee of the Year: The recipient will be a municipal employee who has made an outstanding contribution throughout the year to the detachment and their unit.
  2. Police Volunteer of the Year: While it goes without saying that every volunteer contribution is outstanding, the recipient will be a volunteer who has made a particularly outstanding contribution to police service at Surrey detachment in any volunteer capacity.
  3. Police and Business Partnership Award: The recipient will be a business person, organization or company which has through their crime prevention initiatives to policing made a significant impact on the ability of Surrey Detachment to serve the city at a higher level.
  4. Police Officer of the Year: The recipient will be a police officer who has demonstrated by his or her conduct, department, work ethic, ability and leadership the qualities of a role model within the detachment and worthy of this type of peer recognition.
  5. Auxiliary Constable of the Year: The recipient will be a volunteer constable who has demonstrated by his or her conduct, department, work ethic, ability and leadership the qualities of a role model within the detachment and worthy of this type of peer recognition.
  6. Arnold Silzer Community Policing Initiative Award: To recognize outstanding community policing and problem-solving initiatives which, through the co-operative effort of individuals or groups, reduced or eliminated a problem, thus impacting positively on the safety and well-being of the community.
  7. Police Team Award: To recognize outstanding and innovative team policing

Strong nominations will include answers to the following:

  1. Innovation: Has the individual or business developed an innovative idea, project or strategy? Explain.
  2. Commitment: How has the nominee shown their commitment to Surrey?  Does the nominee participate in community projects, programs, and/or activities?
  3. Contribution: How has the individual or business contributed towards their department or reduced crime or enhanced community safety?
  4. Perseverance: How has the individual or business helped to encourage others to action?  Has the nominee exhibited perseverance?

Instructions for 2018 Nomination Process

  • Submissions should be typed, in a Word or PDF document, and should be no longer than 400 words.
  • Please include your name, address and phone number, and the contact information of the nominee.
  • For Police Team nominations, please include the names of the team members being recognized as part of your nomination, when possible.


Please submit your nomination to:

Heather Booth
101-14439 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M1
T: 604.634.0341
F: 604.588.7549

2016 Winners

Arnold Silzer Community Policing Initiative Award
Priority Target Offender Unit

The Priority Target Offender Unit (PTOU) was established in 2015 with the advent of the Surrey RCMP Community Services Business Line. The PTOU innovatively and strategically deploys police resources to accomplish Surrey’s goals of safe homes and neighborhoods. Priority Target Offenders are identified based on the prolific nature of their offence and/or the significance of their role in criminal activities. The PTOU works vigorously with investigative teams across the Detachment and District as well as external partners including Crown Counsel, Correctional Service of Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency to identify PTOs for strategic enforcement and post-enforcement monitoring. To date, PTOU has identified and prioritized 174 offenders for enforcement, resulting in 161 arrests.

Police and Business Partnership Award
Sophie’s Place

Sophie’s Place provides services to children and youth, 0 to 18 years of age who are victims of sexual, mental, and physical abuse, in a child-friendly designed environment. Sophie’s Place provides the RCMP with the ability to investigate incidents of child abuse in the least intrusive and most supportive way possible. Together, the partners in the facility are committed to strengthening the bond between the community and the RCMP, while ensuring that everyone involved obtains the most accurate information in a safe and protective environment for young victims. Sophie’s Place also assists with long-term care and recovery of vulnerable children. Since its inception in 2012, Sophie’s Place has supported a total of 561 children.

Municipal Employee of the Year Award
Jody Nelson

Jody works at the Surrey RCMP’s District 4 Office as a Crime Prevention Programs Coordinator. She is responsible for developing and implementing crime prevention programs in the community. Jody develops and delivers presentations to Surrey residents on RCMP community programs such as Block Watch, Observe and Report It, and Coffee with a Cop. In 2015, Jody’s presentations reached over 800 residents. She manages 141 Block Watch groups in Cloverdale, and the program has grown over 20% under her guidance. She has been an amazing ambassador in promoting and educating local neighbourhoods on crime prevention. She shows genuine care and love for the community through her work.

Volunteer of the Year Award
D’Arcy Nelson

D’Arcy started as a volunteer with the Cloverdale/Port Kells District 4 office in 2013, contributing nearly 600 volunteer hours to date. When learning about a neighbouring residential complex suffering a number of thefts and break-ins, he immediately offered to accompany the Crime Prevention Coordinator to have a Block Watch group in place. He attended meetings with residents to ensure that they were aware of security precautions and RCMP support. The residential complex today is very active in Block Watch. Upon learning that his own complex was becoming inactive in Block Watch, he spearheaded a campaign to ensure it was reactivated and became the Block Watch Captain. He contributes on a daily basis to community safety by becoming active in not only his neighbourhood, but also by assisting and encouraging other citizens to take ownership and responsibility to ensure a viable, safe community.

Auxiliary Constable of the Year Award
Auxiliary Constable Mark Elson

In his role as an Auxiliary Constable, Mark Elson has assisted in delivering Block Watch training on a monthly/bi-monthly basis for the last 15 years. His dedication to community engagement, and public safety is a cornerstone of the drive and commitment that Mark brings to this volunteer role. In the past 18 months, Mark has worked with the Crime Prevention Team to revamp and update the training syllabus that is delivered to Captains and Co-Captains. The program, through his leadership, established almost 200 new Block Watch groups in Surrey.

Police Team of the Year Award
Domestic Violence Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) is an integrated unit composed of RCMP officers, community partners and victim service workers. This innovative shift resulted in a higher degree of coordination and proficiency when responding to high-risk domestic violence cases. The DVU investigates all individuals at the highest risk to violently re-offend against their current or future intimate partner. The DVU brings together community stakeholders and regularly participates in committee meetings, local events and media platforms to raise awareness to tackle domestic violence. The DVU also hosts training opportunities through Interagency Case Assessment Teams, offering risk assessment, and trauma sensitive training, increasing the community’s capacity to respond to domestic violence cases.

Police Officer of the Year Award – Nominated by Peers
Constable Chris Jones

Constable Jones has been a member of Surrey Detachment for almost seven years and a part of the Special Victims Unit since 2014. During his time with SVU he has established himself as a “go to” member within the team.  He continuously carries one of the heaviest file loads. His quiet demeanor is quickly replaced with a witty banter that is sure to motivate his team or instigate heated debate. He keeps the team motivated during challenging, emotionally charged investigations. Noteworthy files this year included overseeing three investigations simultaneously where the same 14-year-old victim had been exploited by a number of adult males. The victim lacked support from her family and was unable to see the support she had in the community. Constable Jones lead the team that worked diligently with this victim to ensure that those responsible were prosecuted. Constable Jones’ actions during his investigations are stemmed from a passion for justice and genuine care for the vulnerable and the exploited of our community. He is continuously giving back by sharing his skills related to preparation of Judicial Authorizations, Sex Crimes Investigations and Investigative Interviewing.

Police Officer of the Year Award – Nominated by Community
Sergeant Lyndsay O’Ruairc

Sergeant O’Ruairc leads the Sophie’s Place Child Advocacy Centre RCMP Special Victims Unit (SVU) team and also works with the entire SVU team at Surrey Detachment. She has been an RCMP Officer for 13 years and has worked with the SVU for seven years. She provides exemplary service to reduce the trauma experienced by child-abuse victims. Her ultimate focus is long-term care and support to vulnerable children. She ensures police engagement in collaboration with community service providers to offer on-going assistance and recovery for victims. Her leadership and encouragement motivates community agencies. The integrated approaches between law enforcement and community brings focus to the wellness of children, child abuse investigations, family support, and abuse preventions in Surrey.

Previous Winners