Surrey Business Excellence Awards

Surrey Business Excellence Awards

This Surrey Board of Trade awards program celebrates business in Surrey – a great place to live, learn and work! The companies featured each year – the nominees and finalists – have reached a unique point of business success. The Surrey Board of Trade, for over 24 years, has celebrated Surrey businesses in this way. The event focuses on strength and innovation within every entrepreneur to take an idea and use it to build a business. The video presentations, shown in the evening, are inspirational – from the small business to the large business to the not-for-profit service organization to the business person of the year.

They are all trendsetters. They have made their dreams a reality and inspired others to make their dreams come true.

Surrey is the fastest-growing city in Canada and a powerful economic engine in the Lower Mainland. With the most extensive industrial land base in the region, businesses from near and far are looking at Surrey as their choice to do business. Surrey has the advantage of being centrally located in the fast-developing Fraser Valley between Vancouver and the US Border commercial hub.

Surrey has five major highways and deep-sea docking facilities, and proximity to two international airports – Abbotsford and Vancouver.

Surrey is exciting now! Surrey has an exciting future! And you are ALL a part of it!

Surrey also stands at a critical juncture where the right decisions and investments have and will create economic opportunities for a generation and beyond. The Surrey Board of Trade stands behind making a vibrant downtown Surrey and developing all town centres in Surrey. Why? This stand harnesses the ability to bring in international businesses and local and national investment opportunities for Surrey. The government advocacy that the Surrey Board of Trade engages in has realized many successes and delivered great media profiles locally and nationally. Please check out their work behind the scenes to drive Surrey’s economy at their website –


The nomination for this year is closed.


Business Excellence: 1-10 employees
Business Excellence: 11-40 employees
Business Excellence: 41+ employees
Not-For-Profit / Association of the Year
Business Person of the Year (any leadership role)
New Business of the Year
Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Sample Financial Health Letter

Anyone can nominate a business or individual for a Surrey Business Excellence Award, and self-nominations are accepted. A Surrey Board of Trade membership is not required, although the company must have a Surrey business license.


Categories 1 – 3: Number of employees is based on equivalent full-time employees and/or contractors.

Categories 1 – 5: Businesses must have been in business for more than 3 years.

Category 6: Business must have been in operation for a minimum of 6 months and no longer than 3 years. Businesses nominated in this category must be a new business and may not be previously operating anywhere. (ie: no franchises, no re-purchased businesses, no new locations).

Category 7: Nominees must be 35 years or younger, and own a Surrey-based business.

The business premises must be located within Surrey and have a current Surrey business license.

Previous winners in a particular category are ineligible for 3 years following the year in which they won.

A business/organization may only be nominated in one category.

Applications must be completed to be accepted, including letter of financial health and business license.

The information provided in response to the following questions provides the basis on which finalists are determined. Please respond to the questions as clearly and thoroughly as possible to give the judging panel the best information on which to base their initial decisions. The SBOT reserves the right to change categories.

For assistance in completing a nomination form or any questions about a nomination, please contact Heather Booth, Events and Communications Manager, at 604.634.0341 or

The Surrey Board of Trade and Surrey Business Excellence Awards are accessible to all businesses in Surrey. The awards help local organizations improve their performance while introducing business assessment and business excellence models.


  1. Business Excellence: 1-10 employees
  2. Business Excellence: 11-40 employees
  3. Business Excellence: 41+ employees
  4. Not-For-Profit / Association of the Year
  5. Business Person of the Year (any leadership role)
  6. New Business of the Year
  7. Young Entrepreneur of the Year


Please submit your nomination online or to:

Heather Booth
101-14439 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M1
T: 604.634.0341
F: 604.588.7549

Full Time Equivalent Calculation
To calculate the full time equivalent (FTE) of your workers:
Take the average number of hours worked/billed per week and divide it by 40 (number of full time hours). Add together all FTEs to determine your number of FTE staff/contractors.
Example of a company who employs/contracts 15 people, but the FTE is 11:
  • Five 40 hour workers = FTE of 1.0 x 5 = 5.0
  • Six 30 hour workers = FTE of 0.75 x 6 = 4.5
  • Four 15 hour workers = FTE of 0.375 x 4 = 1.5

Total Full Time Equivalent workers = 11

The chart below will assist you in determining the FTE of each of your workers.

Previous Winners

2022 Winners

Business Person of the Year Category:
Dr. Greg Thomas, G3 Consulting Ltd.

Business Excellence 1-10 Employees Category:
Ace Community College

Business Excellence 11-40 Employees Category:
CIMtech Mfg Inc.

Business Excellence 41+ Employees Category:
Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.

Not-for-Profit/Association of the Year Category:
Surrey Crime Prevention Society

New Business of the Year Category:
Living Water Dentistry

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Category:
Ivneet Bains, Math4me Learning

Corporate Social Responsibility Award:
All of Oils, Wholesome Oils and Vinegars

2021 Winners

Business Person of the Year
Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, HealthTech Connex Inc.

Business Resilience Winner with 1-10 Employees:
PED Education Inc.

Business Resilience Winner with 11 – 40 Employees
Surrey Digital Printing

Business Resilience Winner with 41+ Employees
Jacob Bros Construction Inc.

Not-for-Profit Resilience
Phoenix Drug & Alcohol Recovery and Education Society

Surrey International Trade Award
The Teal-Jones Group

Surrey Innovation Award
LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic

Surrey Environment and Business Award
Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration

2020 Winners

Business Person of the Year
Roger Steers, RJC Engineers

Business Resilience Winner with 1-10 Employees
Mainland Whisky

Business Resilience Winner with 11 – 40 Employees
My Greek Taverna

Business Resilience Winner with 41+ Employees
Nana’s Kitchen & Hot Sauce Ltd.

Not-for-Profit Resilience
Surrey Fire Fighters’ Charitable Society

Surrey International Trade Award
Sundher Group

Surrey Innovation Award
Firetech Manufacturing Ltd.

Surrey Environment and Business Award
OCION Water Sciences Inc.

Winners and Finalists Previous to 2022

Past Finalist-Award Winners