Surrey Business Excellence Awards

Surrey Business Excellence Awards

This Surrey Board of Trade awards program celebrates Business in Surrey – a great place to live, learn and work! The businesses featured each year – the nominees and finalists – have reached a special point of business success. The Surrey Board of Trade for the past 20 years have celebrated Surrey businesses in this way. During the awards program that takes place in November, attendees learn what the Surrey Board of Trade represents to their business members which is; economic opportunity, workplace development and education, international trade, government advocacy and business connections. The 2019 event will take place on November 13, 2019.

Surrey is the fastest growing city in Canada and a powerful economic engine in the Lower Mainland. With the largest industrial land base in the region, businesses from near and far are looking at Surrey as their choice to do business in. Surrey has the advantage of being centrally located in the fast-developing Fraser Valley between the commercial hub of Vancouver and the US Border.

Surrey has five major highways as well as deep sea docking facilities and proximity to two international airports – Abbotsford and Vancouver.

Surrey is exciting now! Surrey has an exciting future! And you are ALL a part of it!

Surrey also stands at a critical juncture where the right decisions and investments have and will create economic opportunities for a generation and beyond. The Surrey Board of Trade stands behind the decisions to create a vibrant downtown Surrey and to develop all town centres in Surrey. Why? This harnesses the ability to bring in international businesses as well as local and national investment opportunities for Surrey. The government advocacy, that the Surrey Board of Trade engages in has realized many successes and delivered great media profile locally and nationally. Please check out the work that they do behind the scenes to drive Surrey’s economy at their website –

The event focuses on the strength and innovation within every entrepreneur to take an idea and use it as the foundation for building a business. The video presentations, shown in the evening, are inspirational – from the very small business to the large business to the not for profit service organization to the very innovative student entrepreneurs.

They are all trendsetters. They have made their dreams a reality and inspire others to make their dreams come true.

Event Information and Registration


Nominations are now closed for 2019

Fill out the online application form at the links below!

The objective of the awards is to help local businesses and organizations improve their performance while providing an introduction to business assessment and business excellence models.

Anyone can nominate a business or individual for a Surrey Business Excellence Award and self-nominations are accepted. A Surrey Board of Trade membership is not required, although the business must have a Surrey business license.


  • Categories 1 – 3: Number of employees is based on equivalent full-time employees
  • Categories 1 – 5: Businesses must have been in business for more than 3 years
  • Category 6: Business must have been in operation for a minimum of 6 months and no longer than 3 years. Businesses nominated in this category must be a new business and may not be previously operating anywhere. (ie: no franchises, no re-purchased businesses, no new locations).
  • Category 7: Nominees must be 35 years or younger, and own a Surrey-based business.
  • The business premises must be located within Surrey and have a current Surrey business license.
  • Previous winners in a particular category are ineligible for 3 years following the year in which they won.
  • A business/organization may only be nominated in one category.
  • Applications must be completed to be accepted, including letter of financial health and business license.

The information provided in response to the following questions provides the basis on which finalists are determined. Please respond to the questions as clearly and completely as possible in order to give the judging panel the best information on which to base their initial decisions. The SBOT reserves the right to change categories.

For assistance in completing a nomination form, or any questions about a nomination, please contact Heather Booth, Events and Communications Manager at 604.634.0341 or

The Surrey Board of Trade, Surrey Business Excellence Awards are accessible to all businesses in Surrey. The awards help local organizations improve their performance, while providing an introduction to business assessment and business excellence models.


  1. Business Excellence Award (1-10 employees)
  2. Business Excellence Award (11-40 employees)
  3. Business Excellence Award (41+ employees)
  4. Not-For-Profit / Association Award
  5. Business Person of the Year (any leadership role)
  6. New Business of the Year (Surrey business operating less than 3 years)
  7. Young Entrepreneur of the Year (35 years or younger, own a Surrey-based business)

A Corporate Social Responsibility Award will also be presented, and selected from the Finalists from Categories 1-4 and Category 6.

Recognizing how important social responsibility is to their customers, many companies now focus on and practice a few broad categories of CSR:

1. Environmental efforts: One primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses regardless of size have a large carbon footprint. Any steps they can take to reduce those footprints are considered both good for the company and society as a whole.

2. Philanthropy: Businesses can also practice social responsibility by donating money, products or services to social causes. Larger companies tend to have a lot of resources that can benefit charities and local community programs.

3. Ethical labor practices: By treating employees fairly and ethically, companies can also demonstrate their corporate social responsibility. This is especially true of businesses that operate in international locations with labor laws that differ from those in the United States.

4. Volunteering: Attending volunteer events says a lot about a company’s sincerity. By doing good deeds without expecting anything in return, companies are able to express their concern for specific issues and support for certain organizations.


Please submit your nomination to:

Heather Booth
101-14439 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M1
T: 604.634.0341
F: 604.588.7549

2018 Winners

Business Person of the Year:
Philip Aguirre, Newton Business Improvement Association and Old Surrey Restaurant
1-10 Employees Award:
Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy Inc.
11-40 Employees Award:
HealthTech Connex Inc.
41+ Employees Award:
Silver Icing Inc.
New Business of the Year Award:
Maple Organics
Not-for-Profit of the Year Award:
Surrey Hospital Foundation
Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award:
Silver Icing Inc.

2018 Finalists

1-10 Employees Award Category

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy Inc.

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy was founded and incorporated in 2009 by Sumanta and Shalini Das, two Pediatric Occupational Therapists, in response to a shortage of services for children with special needs and insufficient levels of support for their families in the Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas. Symbiosis initially started delivering full-spectrum private pediatric therapy services through a large, state of the art facility in Surrey. To cater to the growing need for their services over the next few years, the company has expanded to three more locations in South Surrey, Delta, and Abbotsford. Symbiosis has a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Behaviour Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Behaviour Interventionists and Clinic coordinators, who are all passionate about providing excellent therapy services to children and their families. Over the past ten years, as a trusted therapy centre for children with special needs, Symbiosis has transformed the lives of more than 2000 families by providing high quality, evidence-based therapy services.

Tien Sher Group of Companies

A vertically integrated real estate development and construction company, for 15 years, Tien Sher Homes has been creating innovative real estate projects throughout Metro Vancouver. Based in Richmond, this family-owned and operated company proudly offers homes of superior quality and lasting value in amenity- and transit-rich neighbourhoods. Continuously challenging existing housing design, Tien Sher has innovated new housing models to create housing affordability throughout their Quattro developments and the Balance micro suites. Building each home as if it were their own Tien Sher delivers on their promise of “From our family to yours”.  Since incorporation Tien Sher has earned the public and industry recognition counting Maverick, Venue, Balance, Quattro 1, 2 and 3 amongst its Surrey new home community success stories.

White Rock Barbers

A welcoming smile, the utmost care and professionalism. These are just some of the few things that one can experience when visiting White Rock Barbers. Going to the barbers is the best opportunity a man can have to get the ultimate haircut. Whether you’re looking for a classic taper haircut or something completely different, White Rock Barbers will ensure to give you the results you’re looking for with the most impressive and caring service. In case you’re unsure, its team of professionals will take the time to guide you through a variety of styles so you can make the best choice during your visit. White Rock Barbers aim to give you the unforgettable experience of spoiling yourself through proficient hair styling, impressive cut, grooming and shaving that will enhance your image and boost your confidence.

11 – 40 Employees Award Category

Affinity Manufacturing Ltd.

Affinity Manufacturing Ltd. (“Affinity”) is a private manufacturing company capable of producing a multitude of precision components and assemblies. Its history goes back to 1999, when the owners opened a machine shop with a vision to provide their customers with the finest in precision machined parts with only a few machines, including a manual lather and drill press. By the early 2000s, the business moved to a 6,000-sq.-foot facility. In 2008, Affinity almost doubled in size with a 4,000 square foot expansion that increased room for machines, as well as building more office space. Since then, phase two of the business’ growth has started by adding numerous CNC milling machines, surface grinder, saws, finishing and inspection equipment, and by obtaining ISO 9000 2008 registration. Early in 2018 Affinity moved to a new 30,000 sq. ft. facility to increase R&D and manufacturing capacity, providing advance amenities for staff and continuing to develop a safe and positive workplace environment. Today, after nearly 20 years in business, Affinity continues to grow as a business and help Canadian and US customers with turnkey manufacturing solutions.

Crispy Falafel

Crispy Falafel provides comfort and authentic taste of the Mediterranean. Along with the finest pure and homemade ingredients, their Lebanese cuisine is ideal for customers looking for healthy meal options such as vegan, gluten-free, additive and MSG-free. Their meat and vegetables are always fresh and ethically sourced. Crispy Falafel is the destination for brunch, lunch or dinner where one can experience beautiful casual dining ambience. They always strive to bring supreme joviality to their customers through delicious culinary experience and impeccable customer service. Over the years, Crispy Falafel has seen tremendous growth in their four different locations across the lower mainland, and their aim is to be the ultimate local destination for the flavors of the Mediterranean in every city.

HealthTech Connex Inc.

We routinely measure our body’s vital signs to evaluate our state of health (including blood pressure and heart rate), yet no equivalent measurement exists for monitoring brain function. With 1-in-3 Canadians experiencing devastating brain conditions in their lifetime, HealthTech Connex believes that bringing brain vital signs to the world is long overdue. HealthTech Connex is proud to be a Surrey-based health technology company bridging the gap between what’s capable in the laboratory and what’s available in the real-world. As a result, it has successfully developed the world’s first objective, physiological brain vital sign technology, that translates complex brain waves into easily obtainable and understandable markers of brain function. While the science and technology behind their innovation is complex, their vision is fairly simple, but ultimately important: Making brain health monitoring as accessible to the public as blood pressure monitoring is today.

41+ Employees Award Category

Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.

Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd. (Aplin Martin) is a division of Aplin & Martin Ventures Ltd., a private employee owned multi-disciplinary firm that provides civil engineering, architecture, planning and land survey services to clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Canada. The consultancy offers an array of cost-effective and innovative design and project management solutions for private land development, governmental civil projects and First Nations. Founded in 1968 by Peter Aplin and Bob Martin, the company began with a handful of engineers and surveyors and has since grown in size, reputation and geography. Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, the company has expanded with a second office location in Surrey City Centre and offices in Kelowna, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and most recently in Toronto, Ontario. Aplin Martin has grown over the years through its strategic growth and expansion plans, and now employs over 200 staff.

Level 4 Technologies Inc.

Level4 is an award-winning IT support company that specializes in managed IT services, cloud computing and strategic consulting. They are passionate about increasing productivity for small and medium-sized businesses. With over 40 years of providing BC-based businesses with IT network infrastructure support, Level4 has determined that how they innovate and follow processes is what allows them to provide the reliable support that their clients deserve.

Silver Icing Inc.

Silver Icing is an innovative, social selling, fashion company that offers casual fashion and accessories through Independent Online Stylists. Silver Icing’s commission-based Online Stylist program is a “business-in-a-box” for people who want to be in the fashion industry but don’t want the burden of selecting, carrying or investing in inventory. Each Online Stylist receives a personalized version of the website, Facebook Page and access to the ‘Online Stylist Hub’ – the Company’s private Online Stylist community. Stylists share first hand product knowledge that can be used to tailor advice on size, fit and quality for each of their customers providing customers a level of confidence in selecting the right fit for them.

Not For Profit of the Year Award Category

Association Francophone de Surrey

Association Francophone de Surrey was established in 1987 with these goals in mind: to foster within the population of Surrey a better knowledge and appreciation of the French language and culture by offering help, support and a reception service for French speaking parents and children, or any other educational service, and by organizing recreational, cultural, community and educational activities, outside of any political and religious activity. The Association Francophone de Surrey functions as one big family working every day to create a feeling of community for everyone to enjoy in French.

DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society

DIVERSEcity has grown from its humble roots 40 years ago as an offshoot organization from a larger Vancouver organization to combat rising racism issues in the growing city of Surrey and now is a large employer, employing nearly 200 paid staff and 208 contractors and engaging over 350 volunteers. DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society’s mandate is “to inspire belonging in a strong integrated community by empowering newcomers to Canada”. DIVERSEcity is a values-based organization where personal values align with organizational values of growth, integrity, compassion and respect.

Surrey Hospital Foundation

Surrey Hospital Foundation is the largest non-government funder of healthcare for families in Surrey and surrounding Fraser Valley communities. They raise funds for facilities, programs and innovations that save lives and reduce waiting times. The Foundation supports the major health facilities in the region, Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH), Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre (JPOCSC), as well as numerous specialized programs for newborns, children, adults and seniors. As a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of British Columbia, Surrey Memorial Hospital houses the second busiest children’s centre in the province. As a LEED-certified facility, JPOCSC is a ground breaking medical centre, with over 50 clinics and programs. In total, the Foundation supports a campus that includes 12 buildings with over 5,000 employees – a healthcare campus that touches the lives of thousands of patients every day and cares for the whole family, from birth to end-of-life any everything in between. Their medical and professional teams work tirelessly to combine clinical excellence with human compassion for every family member in our growing community.

Business Person of the Year Award Category

Dr. Sandy Johal, Panorama Optometry

Dr. Johal is a Board-Certified Developmental Optometrist.  She has built her practice upon her passion for providing high quality of vision care that goes far beyond 20/20.  Her broad clinical expertise combined with her commitment to helping patients overcome vision challenges in school, work, and everyday life ensue that each patient can perform up to their potential.  Dr. Johal graduated on the Dean’s List from the University of British Columbia in Cell Biology and Genetics in 1999.  She went on to pursue a Doctor of Optometry from Pacific University College of Optometry and graduated with honours in 2003.  Dr. Johal has also obtained a fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Vision Development.

Perminder Chohan, Lifewise Financial Group Inc.

When Perminder Chohan arrived in British Columbia from India in 1990, the field of finance was farthest from his mind. Like many immigrants, he set about finding work wherever it was available. He worked at a plastic factory, put up his own his own plumbing company and several cellular phone stores and eventually moved into the field of direct selling and marketing. Fast forward to this day, Perminder has been involved in many charitable causes. Last year, he was awarded the Spirit of Generosity by Drishti Media for his tireless efforts to support those in need. Perminder supports many charitable institutions, to name a few, The Soar Philanthropy Society, Eagle Ridge Hospital, Sick Motorcycle Club, Kids Play, Richmond Hospital Foundation, BC Children’s Hospital and Ronald MacDonald House in Surrey. Full proceeds from Perminder’s two best-selling books, UnCommon with Brian Tracy and Performance 360 with Sir Richard Branson, go towards supporting Entrepreneurs International.

Philip Aguirre, Newton Business Improvement Association and Old Surrey Restaurant

Philip Aguirre is a Certified Professional Accountant with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce from University of Victoria. He grew up in a typical immigrant family where hard work is emphasized. His parents opened the Old Surrey Restaurant in 1975, and at age 9, Philip was lucky to have gained his first experience at work as a dishwasher. From then on, Philip gained invaluable knowledge and experience working with people who inspired him to be a leader and a mentor, to work with passion and pride, work ethics and a consuming need to adapt to the ever changing environment. The Old Surrey Restaurant’s success over the last 39 years is a testament to Philip’s innovative, yet compassionate kind of leadership.

New Business of the Year Award Category

Afghan Kitchen

Afghan Kitchen is a modern Afghan restaurant located in South Surrey that brings guests “the taste of home”. Every corner of Afghan Kitchen is thoughtfully curated. Every dish uses mum’s recipe. Along with full bar service and live entertainment, Afghan Kitchen is redefining Afghan cuisine.Afghan food is an ethereal mix of the cuisines surrounding Afghanistan. Dishes are prepared using only the freshest ingredients and spices. What comes onto the plate are perfectly balanced nutrients and vibrant colours. At Afghan Kitchen, the aim is to create an indelible experience for the guests. An experience that is rich in historical insight, cultural immersion, and taste of authenticity and warmth.

Funplex Entertainment Ltd.

Funplex is an indoor playground that came into existence with a vision of creating a community place where families can gather for the entertainment of their kids. It offers an environment that focuses on physical, imaginative and interactive play which fosters social, emotional and motors skills. It also has advanced technology-based games such as interactive floor and Laser Maze. In BC, Funplex is the second facility to offer laser maze, a fun-filled interactive game highlighting different levels of Lasers. The interactive floor entertains kids for hours. Parents are encouraged to spend time and make memories with their children. Funplex is well known as toddler (ages 1- 4) friendly indoor play place. In this enjoyable environment families can host birthday parties for their children. Since opening its doors 560 birthday celebration has been held. Funplex has become local families go to place because of its cleanliness, affordability and excellent customer service.

Maple Organics

Maple Organics is Canada’s first Organic Pharmaceuticals Company. Their mission is to make families healthier through their organic, pure and effective products while providing flexible career opportunities. They manufacture and sell organic body care, baby care, pharmaceutical and hair care products formulated with a very unique ingredient — Kokum Butter. Their products are USDA Organic-certified and their therapeutic products also carry Natural Product Numbers licensed by Health Canada allowing them to make medical claims on their efficacy. The business was conceptualized to ensure that families globally would have safe, clean and effective alternatives to commercial products.

2018 Finalist Videos

Previous Winners

2017 Winners

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Raveena Oberoi, Just Cakes Bakeshop Ltd.
1-10 Employees Award: Sew Kool Embroidery and Screen-Printing
11-40 Employees Award: Safetech Scaffold Ltd.
41+ Employees Award: GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions
New Business of the Year Award: Forte Law – Employment Law Solutions
Not-for-Profit of the Year Award: Pacific Community Resources Society
Business Person of the Year Award: Sara Hodson
Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award: Safe Software Inc.

2016 Winners


1-10 Employees Award: Peninsula Strata Management Ltd.
Sponsored by the Port of Vancouver

11-40 Employees Award: Innovative Fitness
Sponsored by Mansonville Plastics Group of Companies

41+ Employees Award: Bottom Line Ventures Ltd.
Sponsored by MNP

New Business of the Year Award: Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – Guildford
Sponsored by: Century Group

Not-for-Profit of the Year Award: Options Community Services
Sponsored by: Copytek Print Centre

Business Person of the Year Award: Curtis Christopherson
Sponsored by Hamilton Duncan

Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award, sponsored by CN Bottom Line Ventures Ltd.

Winners Previous to 2018

Past Winners 1999-2017