Surrey Innovation Awards

Surrey Innovation AwardsThe Surrey Innovation Awards celebrates, educates, and connects innovators across all industries by Surrey businesses and helps make Surrey a recognized hub of innovation by igniting a new narrative for our city, strengthening its economic future and building the spirit of innovation.

“It is Surrey’s innovative companies that will meet the challenges of the new economy, expanding opportunity in this great city and improving lives around the globe”
– Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

Innovation Concepts:

  • Transforming ideas into commercial reality
  • Improving business processes
  • Tying academic research and developments into commercial reality
  • Innovation requires collaboration across a wide range of constituencies, including corporate leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, university leaders, faculty members, and students, investors, and public officials.


Nominations are now closed for 2020.


  1. Small Business Innovation Award
  2. Large Business Innovation Award
    These awards recognize a business or organization that has developed a new or improved technology, service, process or product by using creative methods and innovative thinking that has the potential to transform an industry sector or quality of life.
  3. Social Innovator Award
    Demonstrates an approach to finding creative and workable solutions for the complex social issues facing modern communities, particularly Surrey, and emphasizes good ideas alone are not enough to make the kind of progressive change that builds a better city.


Based on a possible maximum score of 100, each category will be awarded a maximum of 20 points:

  • Intellectual Achievement – The degree of intellectual achievement or quality of ingenious thinking and experiment to discover, create or conceive the innovation.
  • Uniqueness and Originality – Refers to the state of being original; the freshness of aspect, design or style utilized to produce the invention.
  • Development – Refers to the extent to which the idea or concept has been thought through to completion.
  • Commercialization – Refers to the degree of successful commercialization or quantifiable impact of the innovation.
  • Benefits – Refers to the economic and/or social benefit to Canada resulting from the innovation.


Please submit your nomination to:

Heather Booth
101-14439 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1M1
T: 604.634.0341
F: 604.588.7549

2019 Winners

Small Business Category

NovaBio Rubber Green Rubber Technologies

NovaBio Rubber was founded in 2009 primarily as a solution for latex allergies and to satisfy a growing market demand for rubber. After obtaining a US patent for a green rubber recovery process, Nova Bio started growing annual rubber plants called taraxacum kok-saghyz, also known as TKS. This plant contains significant amounts of rubber at 24% and inulin at 40%. Rubber is then extracted as liquid latex. Just recently, the liquid latex from TKS was declared by NRC Canada and Akron Rubber Development Lab as hypoallergenic. NovaBio Rubber has completed the development of a prototype rubber extractor and has manufactured a large-scale rubber extractor and rubber purifier. This innovation is set to make British Columbia a hub for the production of hypoallergenic latex, thus, helping both the manufacturing and agriculture industry in BC. NovaBio Rubber is a recipient of the 2019 Med-Tech Innovation Award from Medilink UK, a health authority in the United Kingdom.

Large Business Category

NeuroCatch Inc.

NeuroCatch Inc. is a subsidiary of HealthTech Connex. Considered ground-breaking in the neuroscience community, this peer-reviewed, published research provided a clinically accessible way to evaluate brain function. Combining readily available brainwave technology with accessible software, Dr. Ryan D’Arcy and his team were able to identify a ‘blue ocean’ window of opportunity to develop a platform that would be the world’s first to objectively and physiologically measure brain function: the NeuroCatch™ Platform. The result, after years of R&D efforts, is a fully automated, rapid, and user-friendly neurotechnology with an intuitive and simple output – which they would call “a yardstick for brain function” that “gives you 120/80 for your brain.” In March 2019, the NeuroCatch™ Platform received its Medical Device License from Health Canada, allowing them to market their new technology. The results of the commercialization efforts have been astounding, with the NeuroCatch™ Platform now in use at numerous sites across Canada – including renowned facilities in Surrey, Greater Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Ottawa. This innovative brain technology does not only impact families and communities today, but also the way we understand brain health of generations to come.

Previous Winners


Clayton Glass


Excellence in Innovation Category: ARKTOS Developments Ltd.

Young Innovator Category: Focused Interiors



Small Business Category
Micromatter Technologies

Large Business Category

Young Innovator Category
Shawn Davis – Compy Inc.

Organization Category
West Coast Centre for Learning



Young Innovator Award
WINNER:  George Cheng, Empower Operations Corporation

Small Business Innovation Award
WINNER:  Vantek Innovations

Organization Innovation Award
WINNER:  Pacific Community Resources Society



Young Innovator Award
Winner: Sean Bindra

Excellence in Innovation Award
Winner: SOFTAC Systems Ltd.