Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Awards

Surrey's Top 25 Under 25

The Surrey Board of Trade recognizes business and community-minded people under the age of 25, either working in Surrey or working on a business or community-related project in Surrey. The top 25 winners are annually recognized as role models for their community at an awards reception.


Nominations are closed for 2024.


The Judging Criteria are:

Must be working on/worked on a business or community project in Surrey (including students) and/or;
Must be working in the Surrey business community and/or;
Must be contributing/ have recently contributed to a business or community-related project in Surrey and;
Must be 25 years of age or younger before May 1, 2023.

Rhona Doria

2024 Surrey’s Top 25 Under 25 Awards Winners

Akash is the Co-Founder of A Second Chance – Harm Reduction Society (ASC), an organization dedicated to combating the opioid crisis. Witnessing opioid poisonings in his joint family household motivated him to establish ASC to educate communities on recognizing and responding to overdoses, and advocating for naloxone training for vulnerable populations. With formal Fraser Health and Red Cross training, and experience at the Fraser Health Crisis Line and Milieu Family Services, he helps equip high-risk individuals with life-saving skills. Akash is a multi-sport athlete and a two-time provincial gold medallist in soccer. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a combined major in science, biology, chemistry, and earth science.
Almas, the youngest HR Manager at Paladin Security Group, is a dynamic employee relations leader known for her exceptional achievements. As the Pacific Region HR Project Lead on a $1.2 Billion federal contract, she efficiently managed the hiring and transitioning 250+ management employees within three months. Previously, as Vice President of Finance and Services of the Simon Fraser Student Society, Almas represented 26,000 students and chaired the Finance and Administrative Services Committee. Her advocacy extends to the SFU Senate, where she championed issues faced by undergraduates and advocated for diversity and inclusion. Currently pursuing a Master’s in public health at University College London, Almas focuses her research on enhancing sexual and reproductive healthcare for marginalized women in Surrey. In 2022, she received the Diana Award for social action and humanitarian projects and the SFU Service Award – International Student Award for LGBTA Community Service.
Arshita is the CEO and Sales Director of Glutenull and leads the expansion of the company’s vegan and gluten-free baked goods across North America. Starting as a Quality Assurance Assistant, her strategic vision propelled her to this role, earning her the Great Work Recognition Award for driving immense growth. Previously, at the Fraser Health Authority, she excelled as Coordinator and Analyst for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, notably publishing a blog on health literacy and sustainability. Recognized for academic excellence, Arshita received the Student Academic Excellence Award and Gold Cord for achieving one of the highest GPAs in biology at Douglas College. She later went to Simon Fraser University, earning a double major in molecular biology and chemistry, and business administration.
Chloe is the Founder and Executive Director of NaloxHome Society, pioneering youth-focused drug education in BC. Founded in 2021, NaloxHome has grown to 60 volunteers and has empowered over 7,500 BC youth with naloxone training and overdose awareness. As its founder and leader, she spearheads initiatives that provide free drug education in BC secondary schools. Chloe is a 2024 BCBusiness 30 Under 30 awardee and recipient of the 2024 SFU Venture Connections eCoop Award. Notably, she is the youngest Police Board Director in Canada, contributing significantly to the Greater Vancouver community. Chloe’s commitment extends to her role as an Emergency Department volunteer with Fraser Health and a youth ambassador for Foundry BC. Chloe is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in health science at Simon Fraser University with a focus on public health and data.
Hanna is a multifaceted advocate for education, health, and wellness, recognized nationally for her literary prowess. As the founder of Poet2Poet, a non-profit empowering young poets, she provides a platform for aspiring writers to share their work and creativity. Poet2Poet has gained acclaim from Surrey Libraries and educators in BC for its transformative impact on youth expression. Hanna’s dedication extends to promoting digital health with Our Kids Health and locally through the Health Education Advocacy and Research Team (HEART), earning her Canada’s School Health Grant for Youth. Her accolades include placements in national debating championships and literary awards. Hanna is a grade 10 student at Southridge School in Surrey and will graduate in 2026.
Hargun is a dedicated advocate for community welfare and actively supports youth, seniors, and newcomer families. As the Founder and President of Age Strong Unity Wellness Society, he spearheads initiatives to enhance elderly health. Additionally, he co-founded the Ignited Resilience Mentorship Foundation, aiding at-risk newcomer students in achieving academic success. Serving as Vice President of 18 Holdings Ltd, Hargun facilitates housing support for new residents, easing their transition into the community. Recognized for his exceptional leadership and community service, Hargun has earned numerous accolades, including the BC Excellence Awards. Currently pursuing a degree in kinesiology with a focus on neuromechanical and physiological sciences at the University of British Columbia, he continues to expand his knowledge to serve his community better.
Harjot is the Internal Vice President of Youth Transforming Society, a non-profit organization established in 2010 to raise awareness for humanitarian issues and encourage community volunteerism. She is a well-rounded leader recognized for her scholarly achievements and community contributions. Her accolades include the Eileen Clinton Award and Katherine Brearley Arts Scholarship for her excellence in arts. She received the District Authority Scholarship in Community Service, the Indo-Canadian Business Association of BC Award, and the Canada 150 Award for her leadership in community initiatives. Alongside her academic pursuits, she actively contributes to the Surrey community and serves as the Organization Chair of the Surrey Centre Electoral District Association. Currently, in her first year of law school at the University of Windsor, Harjot continues to demonstrate her commitment to community service and leadership excellence.
Harmeet is a multifaceted talent in Surrey’s vibrant music and arts community. She is a jazz double bassist, composer, educator, and arts administrator. In 2023, she founded Surrey Jazz Nights, a volunteer-run initiative dedicated to fostering community, showcasing local talent, and providing performance opportunities to young and emerging artists. Since its inception, Surrey Jazz Nights has showcased over 40 young musicians, amplifying their voices and talents. Harmeet teaches early-year music at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music, where she honed her skills under renowned jazz artists like Jodi Proznick, Noah France-Nolan, and Miles Black. Pursuing her passion, she is completing her fourth year at Capilano University, majoring in arts and entertainment management and jazz studies.
Japneet co-founded South Asian Women’s Health Talk (SAWHT), an initiative aimed at destigmatizing health discussions crucial to South Asian women in the Lower Mainland. A third-year medical student at the University of British Columbia, she leverages her clinical insights to identify pressing health issues within the community. Through SAWHT, Japneet orchestrates health information booths at Gurdwaras across Surrey, addressing topics like cancer screening, mental health, addiction, and chronic conditions. Recently honoured with the Doctor of BC Excellence in Health Promotion Award, Japneet’s dedication to promoting health in vulnerable communities underscores her commitment to serving others. She holds a Bachelor of Science in behavioral neuroscience and is poised to graduate with a medical degree in 2025 from UBC.
Jason, founder of Jason Sangha Personal Real Estate, is a realtor known for exceptional performance in Surrey and Calgary’s real estate markets. With a remarkable track record, he has collaborated with leading developers like Concord Pacific, PCI Developments, and Porte Communities, facilitating over 50 successful property transactions. Recognized for his excellence, Jason has achieved numerous accolades, including the Grand Realty Calgary’s Rookie of the Year Award and the Sutton Premier Realty Diamond Award. He has maintained his exceptional standing as Concord Platinum Elite Realtor. Notably, he is the youngest Concord Diamond Elite Realtor. In addition to his real estate endeavours, Jason founded The Intellionaire, a platform promoting mental health awareness and resilience-building strategies for a healthier society. Currently, he is completing a business degree at Simon Fraser University.
Jatin is the founder of JCAcademicCoaching, an online tutoring and mentoring service to help students from Surrey navigate university life and get career advice. Leveraging his teaching skills, he provides affordable tutoring aided by a university-based learning approach. Additionally, Jatin spearheads UBC Transplant, a non-profit club focused on enhancing the organ, stem cell, and blood donor pools, particularly within the South Asian community. As a senior member of a research lab at the University of British Columbia and President of the UBC Transplant Club, Jatin demonstrates leadership and commitment to community service while pursuing his undergraduate studies in virology, public health, and nutrition.
Jeevan Basra, a federally recognized youth community leader, demonstrates unwavering dedication to empowering marginalized voices. Her pivotal work on a federal grant has facilitated connections for medically vulnerable self-advocates, ensuring accessibility through adaptive equipment. As Co-Chair of the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo (SAS), Jeevan champions inclusion and equity, garnering federal recognition for SAS’s consultation on the Canadian Accessibility Act. Through initiatives like the UNITI New to You Clothing Sale and Socks for a Cause campaign, Jeevan fosters community engagement and addresses pressing needs. Her collaborative efforts with local businesses have resulted in over 1,000 socks donated annually to the Sources Food Bank, exemplifying her commitment to creating positive social change and fostering community connection.
Jeevan Sandhu, a grade 11 Princess Margaret Secondary School student, embodies ambition and innovation. With a passion for engineering and space exploration, Jeevan spearheaded the LeoCraft Design Team, composed of 10 high school students, to compete in NASA’s rover design challenge. Their proposal for the rover LeoCraft impressed NASA, earning them a spot among 72 international teams. Notably, they are the sole Canadian high school team selected in the challenge’s 30-year history. Beyond academics, Jeevan’s leadership has garnered recognition, including the Lion Award for Academic Excellence and the Pride Award for Social Responsibility. Jeevan hopes to pursue post-secondary studies in economics and engineering at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.
Joben Bassi embodies excellence in real estate and community leadership. Founding Joben Bassi Personal Real Estate Corporation in 2021, he guides diverse families and newcomers toward homeownership. Working fulltime as a Financial Reporting Clerk with the City of Surrey, Joben upholds public service values. His accolades, including Medallion Club Member and President’s Gold, underscore his real estate knowledge and skills. Beyond his profession, Joben’s leadership spans from soccer captaincy to student organizations, highlighting his commitment to community welfare. With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, he aims for a CPA designation.
Joon founded Hold High the Torch (HHTT), a service organization dedicated to honouring veterans, commemorating fallen heroes, and supporting military families. Inspired by his grandmother’s experiences during the Korean War, where Canadian soldiers provided aid, Joon’s upbringing instilled in him the importance of recognizing sacrifices for freedom. Leading a team of 26 members, Joon orchestrated successful fundraising efforts totalling $8,600, hosting impactful events like the Surrey-Cloverdale Veterans Appreciation Luncheon and the Lunch Reception with Veterans. During the pandemic, HHTT provided virtual platforms for veterans’ voices and organizing community appeals. Joon’s exceptional leadership earned him numerous awards, including the 2021 Surrey Now-Leader Community Leadership Award and the Vimy Pilgrimage Award. Currently, Joon is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia.
Juliana is the Founder and CEO of the Vancouver Kindness Movement, a non-profit organization that fosters youth leadership, community engagement, and volunteerism while advocating for kindness in the Metro Vancouver community. Under her leadership, Vancouver Kindness has successfully fundraised over $30,000 for charities such as Surrey Urban Mission, Pathfinder Youth Centre Society, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and Covenant House Vancouver. In 2022, she received the City of Surrey’s Service Above Self Surrey Youth (SASSY) award for youth leadership and community service. Currently pursuing a joint degree in business marketing and communications for journalism at Simon Fraser University, Juliana aims to leverage her life experiences and these new tools to advocate for sustainability and support local non-profit groups.
Kayla is the founder and owner of Bar Down Cookies, a hockey-themed, community-forward and charitable cookie company striving to help make athletics more accessible to Canadian children and youth whose families face financial barriers. Beyond Bar Down Cookies, Kayla actively contributes to campus life as an Events Coordinator for Young Women in Business at the University of British Columbia. Kayla’s leadership extends to public speaking engagements and volunteering with UBC Forward. Through her running group and involvement in local markets, she fosters community bonds and supports small businesses. With a keen interest in Psychology, Kayla aspires to pursue clinical counselling to aid women and children affected by trauma.
Marsten is the Co-Founder of Holy Hygiene, a company that started as a school venture to compete in UBC Innovate. Eventually, it turned into a business that creates handcrafted products using all-natural ingredients while keeping sustainability and the environment in mind. Marsten has taken leadership roles as a Youth Events Squad, Surrey Leadership Youth Council, and Surrey Steps Up Youth Planning Team member. As a Teen Library Council member, he helps organize library events for youth living in the Newton and Strawberry Hill area. Marsten is in grade 12 at Holy Cross Regional High School and plans to pursue accounting in post-secondary.
Pooria is the Managing Partner of Beeloud, a dynamic community, startup studio, and accelerator shaping the imagination age for next-gen creators and founders. With a focus on technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership, Pooria has co-founded and led diverse tech startups, securing substantial funding and driving innovation, particularly in blockchain and AI. His journey includes recognitions, such as a full international undergraduate entrance scholarship with distinction from Simon Fraser University and winning medals in professional kickboxing. Actively involved in local and global tech communities, Pooria mentors immigrant founders and contributes to organizations fostering entrepreneurship and technology innovation, such as DIVERSEcity’s Immigrant Entrepreneurship Program. Pooria holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double minor in interactive arts and technology, and curriculum and instruction from Simon Fraser University.
Sandeep is the Director at Volentia Healthcare Translation, a non-profit dedicated to advancing health equity by offering free translation and interpretation services for patients in Surrey and across BC. Through Volentia, Sandeep oversees a team of volunteer interpreters who accompany patients to healthcare appointments, ensuring they receive quality care regardless of language barriers. Sandeep co-owns Toor Framing Ltd., a local framing company, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, he contributes to research as a contractor for the InterCultural Online Health Network (iCON) at UBC’s Faculty of Medicine, focusing on digital emergency medicine. Sandeep obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with a combined major in life sciences, chemistry and environmental sciences from the University of British Columbia.
Shivani is the Host and Producer of Survivor Talks, a podcast tackling sexualized violence and mental health by providing a haven for survivors and experts to discuss stigma and shame along with education insights in combating abuse. Through Survivor Talks, Shivani continues to strive for safer and healthier approaches to combat sexualized violence, with one of her latest projects dedicated to urging the BC Government and School Board to integrate consent education into school curricula. Her documentary, Through My Eyes, launched during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, delved into survivor experiences, and explored the complex and diverse ways in which abuse can impact a survivor. In the summer of 2024, she will host a panel on toxic masculinity’s impact on male survivors. Shivani obtained her Diploma in criminology from Douglas College and plans to pursue social work education.
Suhana is the Marketing Strategist at B.R. Enterprises, an agricultural company providing customers with fresh vegetables. Recognizing the vital role of agriculture in feeding Canadians, she amplifies the needs of people and the sector’s importance. As a climate justice advocate, Suhana founded the Bluer & Greener project to combat climate change and support environmental initiatives. At just 17, she champions change and advocates for the agriculture sector while balancing her studies for a Bachelor of Arts in political science and criminology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Crowned Miss Fundraiser at the Miss Canada pageant, she represented southern BC. As an ambassador for Canada and One Tree Planted, Suhana amplifies her voice for environmental conservation.
Sumeet serves as a Director at Hearts of BC, a Surrey-based network aiming to enhance heart health for all British Columbians, focusing on sudden cardiac arrest prevention. With around 7,000 cases annually in BC, their mission to eradicate sudden cardiac death involves three key pillars: education, automated external defibrillator (AED) accessibility, and advocating for legislative changes. Notably, he and his team raised over $43,000 for first-aid training. His dedication to underserved communities emphasizes Hearts of BC’s grassroots efforts, offering life-saving education and advocacy across the province. Sumeet’s impactful work extends to academics, including a globally recognized DELF B2 diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education, certifying his competency in the French language, and his scholarships and medicine program at the University of British Columbia.
Vansh is the Owner and Founder of Cloud Nine Clothing, a company born from a personal connection to anxiety. His innovative solution, the anxiety hoodie, aims to provide comfort and relief, featuring discreet built-in stress balls. What began as a university assignment has evolved into a brand synonymous with unparalleled comfort. Cloud Nine Clothing goes beyond apparel, fostering a supportive community through its ambassador program, emphasizing mental health and meaningful impact. Additionally, Vansh established Lions Media, a thriving business specializing in web design, branding, and logos, serving prestigious clients like PurelyWhite Deluxe and Influencerx. Lions Media’s achievements, recognized by esteemed publications like the Wall Street Journal, underscore Vansh’s entrepreneurial acumen. Currently pursuing a business degree at the Simon Fraser University, Vansh’s exceptional achievements have earned him nominations like the Young Entrepreneur of the Year, cementing his status as a trailblazer.
Yoovi is the Co-Founder and Vice President of the Humanitarian Society of Vancouver, a registered non-profit supporting vulnerable populations on the Lower Mainland. Their initiatives include mask drives, park clean-ups, Feed the Need campaigns for the unhoused population in Whalley and the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, and blood and toy drives for local and international humanitarian and healthcare organizations. Yoovi also co-founded Real Talk ALS BC, raising awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) across BC. He facilitates community engagement and fundraising efforts, and the funds raised help ALS patients by providing support and equipment, and funding clinical trials at the University of British Columbia for medical advancements. Outside the community organizations, Yoovi is a reservist of the Canadian Armed Forces. He obtained his Bachelor of Science with a major in biology at the University of British Columbia.

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