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Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting

The Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting will help you get your business export-ready and well positioned for commercial success abroad.
Learn the essential principles of exporting whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced exporter.
The Guide will help you to:
  • Be more competitive. Apply proven export strategies.
  • Sell to more customers. Target global buyers online.
  • Close more deals. Secure sources of export financing.
  • Enter more markets. Leverage the benefits of free trade.
  • Save time & avoid risks. Learn the legal aspects of trade.


The CanExport program:

  • Reimburses up to 50 percent of eligible expenses:
  • Requires that the applicant match funds on a one-to-one basis;
  • Provides a minimum contribution of $10,000 (requires that the total cost of eligible activities be at least $20,000) and a maximum contribution of $99,999 (which requires that the total cost of eligible activities be at least $199,998);
  • Is open, with few exceptions, to all industry sectors. Note: the agriculture and processed food, fish and seafood, and wine, beer and spirits sectors are excluded from
  • CanExport because companies active in these particular sectors and looking for export support are eligible to apply through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriMarketing program.
  • Is open, with few exceptions, to companies looking at export markets worldwide.

To be considered for possible funding, a firm must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Be a for-profit company;
  • Be an incorporated legal entity or a limited liability partnership (LLP);
  • Have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business identifier number;
  • Have a minimum of one full-time equivalent (FTE) employee and a maximum of 250 FTE employees;
  • Have no less than $200,000 and no more than $50 million in annual revenue declared in Canada.

BC Market Monitor

Welcome to the official trade and investment e-newsletter of the Province of British Columbia. The BC Market Monitor offers the latest industry success stories as well as resources and tools for investing, exporting and networking at home and abroad. Get connected to British Columbia and Asia-Pacific markets in 2011 and beyond.

Trade and Invest BC

Trade and Invest BC works with international enterprises to help them build strong links to the resources, skills and businesses that make British Columbia an attractive place to work and invest. They help international companies invest in British Columbia, one of North America’s most competitive and dynamic business environments. Strategically located at the commercial crossroads between the Asia-Pacific region and North America, British Columbia is Canada’s Pacific Rim province. Companies in British Columbia benefit from low taxes, competitive operating costs, stable labour conditions, and an exceptional multicultural work force that is well educated, highly skilled, and productive.

International Interns

If you are seeking international interns for your business, contact AIESEC at or

Trade Variety and Productivity in Canada Report

Produced by Bo Chen, School of International Business Administration, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Research Reports Vol. II, No 1; February 2010.

The relationship between trade variety and productivity is one of the central interests in trade and development. Although the channel of how productivity affects trade variety was articulated centuries ago, the other direction, how trade variety affects productivity, is less well understood. 

A standard monopolistic competition model (MC) in trade assumes goods are differentiable and varied. With this framework, economists are able to exposit how trade variety affects productivity from two effects: the input variety effect and the output variety effect.

Asian News

You can keep up-to-date with news from Asia through the Asia Pacific Foundation website. You can also see what Canada is doing to promote trade in the region. The Foundation has links and summaries of the latest news from a number of prominent Asian newsrooms. It’s a great source of information if you are thinking about expanding your efforts in global trade.

Trade Resources

Evaluating a Foreign Supplier – courtesy of Export Development Canada.

Best Countries to Headquarter a Corporation

Investing & International Business

As part of growing your business, you may be considering exporting, importing and investing.  Find out what this means for you and your business.