The goals of the Surrey International Trade Centre are:

  • To promote two-way trade, investment, economic cooperation, and international marketing opportunities between Surrey businesses and international partners;
  • To promote Surrey businesses internationally and to identify opportunities for industrial cooperation;
  • To receive delegations from overseas and send international delegations;
  • To encourage international businesses, locally and from within these countries, to join the Surrey Board of Trade as an international member; and,
  • For the Consulate and or country organization to encourage their chamber of commerce/board of trade to have a Letter of Understanding with the Surrey Board of Trade.

For further information, please contact or Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, at 604-581-7130 or

International Business Matchmaking

The SBOT International Trade Centre can help your business expand globally through our reliable and credible connections in over 30 countries.

For more information and to have us help you expand your business contact, 604-581-7130.

Fees apply.

International Membership


$2,500 + tax

1. Membership introduction email
2. Enhanced Virtual Trade Show Profile created on SBOT’s website
3. Five introductory email introductions
4. Access to SBOT International News
5. Access to 6,000 Surrey Board of Trade member contacts

+ all other SBOT benefits


$7,500 + tax

1. Membership introduction email
2. Enhanced Virtual Trade Show Profile created on SBOT’s website
3. Five introductory email introductions
4. Access to SBOT International News
5. Access to 6,000 Surrey Board of Trade member contacts
6. Access to events via zoom for International Roundtables
7. Web Banner, with short description on International section of Surrey Board of Trade website under “Current International Members”
8. Member benefits (i.e.) cost-saving freight services through UPS, Credit services, business assistance services utilizing Canadian expertise (accounting, HR, legal), Car rental, travel agency benefits
9. Full-page ad in Surrey Business News; distribution to businesses in Surrey

+ all other SBOT benefits

Please contact Anita Huberman at

Certificates of Origin

Shipments to Russia

Until further notice:

  1. Given the tragic and unprecedented conflict in Ukraine, the Surrey Board of Trade has taken the decision to suspend the issuing of certificates of origin for Canadian exports going to Russia while the conflict is ongoing. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for certificates related to any humanitarian goods.
  2. The Surrey Board of Trade urges companies with any commercial activities involving Russian business partners to adhere to all sanctions and related regulatory requirements, as well as regularly monitor advice from Global Affairs Canada.

Certificates of Origin are shipping documents detailing information on the type of goods being exported, their destination, and most important, their country or countries of origin. The burden of determining whether a Certificate of Origin is necessary is the exporter’s responsibility. Once that determination is made, the Surrey Board of Trade can certify that the information provided by the exporter on the Certificate of Origin is correct according to the accompanying documentation, such as the invoice or shipping affidavit. Validation is a key service provided by the Surrey Board of Trade with a preferred rate given to Surrey Board of Trade members. All Certificate of Origin clients must provide a notarized letter of waiver to be kept on file for 2 years.

The Surrey Board of Trade follows guidelines set by the International Chamber of Commerce for certifying Certificates of Origin. The Surrey Board of Trade cannot certify:

  • Certificates of origin from other countries;
  • Government inspection agency certificates;
  • NAFTA certificates of origin;
  • Any document with a boycott clause;
  • Scholastic degrees or diplomas;
  • Personal documents, such as divorce, marriage or death certificates


Members: $40 per set up to 12 pages
Non-Members: $70 per set up to 12 pages
Additional pages: $1.50 each

For fee purposes, a “set” constitutes putting up to 12 stamps on pages containing the same invoice number. This can be any combination of documents such as certificates of origin, invoices, packing lists, way bills, etc., as long as they are related to the same shipment (same consignee address must be on all documents), same product and are going to the same destination.

Certificate of Origin Template

MS Word   Fillable PDF

Letter of Waiver Template

The Surrey Board of Trade requires a Letter of Waiver on file for ALL DOCUMENTATION SERVICES to be completed.


Other Services

Travel Documentation (Visa Applications)

The Surrey Board of Trade certifies visa application letters. No notarization is required for certification, since the respective embassies further examine all visa applications. The Middle East and parts of Asia particularly require this documentation. The onus is on the applicant to find out if it is needed.

Letter of Introduction

Canadian business people or companies looking to do business in some Middle-Eastern countries often require a package of special documentation that introduces them to potential business partners in other countries. Providing such a letter is a signal of business legitimacy. The stamp of a Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce on such a document gives credence and authenticity to the Canadian businessperson. Such letters will only be issued to members of the Surrey Board of Trade.

Certified Representation Agreement

The Surrey Board of Trade is sometimes asked to certify a sales agency agreement with a foreign partner. This is a legitimate request and the SBOT will certify the document, provided it has been properly notarized.

Government Certificates (Letter Only)

The Surrey Board of Trade can issue a short letter on its letterhead that we have examined the certificate, and that based on our examination of the certificate we believe it to be genuine, but that we have not contacted the issuers and are in no position to support its validity or otherwise.

Fumigation Certificates (Letter Only)

In the past Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade have been asked to certify certificates of fumigation on containers filled with used clothing destined for developing countries. The practice is not to certify such a document. However, to issue a document on letterhead that we have examined an original of the fumigation certificate, it has been notarized, and it appears to be genuine based on our examination.

Certificates of Composition/Analysis( Letter Only)

The Surrey Board of Trade can only provide a certified letter on our letterhead in regards to certificates of composition/analysis. The letter will outline that we have reviewed the original report and to the best of our knowledge it is true and accurate. We do not perform the testing of products, nor do we produce the actual Analysis Report, this is to be created by a reputable testing laboratory.

Letter of Authenticity

A letter of authenticity verifies that the Canadian firm exists in Canada and often includes a bit about its track record. The Surrey Board of Trade can require checking with the appropriate federal or provincial government (e.g., the corporate registrar) to determine that a company is registered either federally or provincially/territorially.

Certificate of Export (Vehicle and Auto Parts)

Although the procedure is similar to that of authorizing a standard certificate of origin, there are a few differences. Exporters should use the standard certificate of origin form with an additional clause to the effect of “the goods were purchased in Canada and are being exported for use by the exporter”.

Certificate of Free Sale

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate to foreign governments or regulatory authorities that a specific commodity is generally available in Canada. Sometimes we are asked to certify the price as well.


$40 each for the above listed services for Surrey Board of Trade members. Non-members will be charged $70.