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SBOT Member Support to do Business in the USA

Business opportunities are still open and abundant in the USA. To help you navigate this and enhance your business success, the Surrey Board of Trade International Centre encourages you to utilize John Michener, Economic Development Specialist at the Port of Bellingham.

Looking to expand your business?
If you are a Canadian Investor, Entrepreneur or Company exploring business opportunities in the USA then John can offer you customized support.

Establishing a US Market Presence
Research and planning will precisely define your business and identify market goals. John can assist with public relations, creative support and branding strategies to fast track your market acceptance.

Setting up your organization in the US, John can:
Identify the important partners vital to any new venture, (logistics, materials or professional).
Connect and assist you in finding, real estate agents, immigration attorney’s, cross border accountants, etc.


John Michener
Economic Development Specialist
Phone: (360) 676-2500 Cell: (360) 303-9741

Surrey Board of Trade Contacts:

Consul General Katherine Dhanani
US Consulate Office in Vancouver
1075 West Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 2M6
P: 604.685.4311
F: 604.685.7175


Bryce McDermott | General Manager

E: | O: +1 (360)-380-6900


SelectUSA Investment Summit – June 7-11, 2021

The Surrey International Trade Centre, at the Surrey Board of Trade, invites you to join new
United States Consul General, D. Brent Hardt to the 2021 SelectUSA Investment Summit, which
will be held virtually from June 7-11, 2021. In this forum, investment opportunities throughout
the United States will be showcased. This is your opportunity to engage with high profile and
highly qualified foreign investors, and hundreds of economic development officials from across
the United States.

Participants will find the practical tools, information, and connections – including to economic
development agencies in all 50 states – to move investments forward.

More information about the summit, including registration details, can be found at


The Surrey Board of Trade position on Canadian efforts against Buy American.

Surrey is a border city – so this issue is very important to our city-building business organization.

The federal government is ramping up its efforts on advocacy in the United States to push back against Buy American. Global Affairs Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce approached the Surrey Board of Trade to find any data or examples of how US interests stand to be negatively impacted if Canadian suppliers are excluded from any future infrastructure spending. They were most interested in examples related to infrastructure and transportation projects that may be included in the upcoming US infrastructure package (e.g. roads, highways, bridges, ports, airports, rolling stock, zero-emission vehicles, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure, power sector infrastructure, etc.).

Where American interests stand to be most negatively impacted include when:
· a Canadian company is a sole (or one of a small number of) suppliers in North America;
· a Canadian company has a unique product offering or has a competitive advantage from an environmental/proximity/quality/technical perspective; or
· a multinational company has certain supply chain functions at facilities in Canada.

Buy America would face:

· Increased costs for the US
· Negative impact on US jobs
· Project delays
· Negative environment, health or safety implications