The Manufacturing team advocates on issues that impact Surrey’s Manufacturing Industry, such as skill shortages, automation, and other concerns as they arise. The team also assists with promoting the events and activities during the annual Manufacturing Month (October) and related dialogues and events that the SBOT hosts periodically, including the annual Surrey Industry Bus Tour (May). The Innovation Awards is a key part of the team’s mandate to identify and celebrate the best of Surrey’s manufacturers.

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2017 Manufacturing Reception

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October 24, 2017
Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel (15269 104 Avenue, Surrey)
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Manufacturers need women to address skills shortage

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Manufacturing Safety Alliance

Industry Training Authority Overview

Labour Market Information – Research for the BC Manufacturing Sector


Project:   Surrey Labour Market Study

Purpose:   There is no base-line study regarding the full picture of Surrey’s Labour Market. The research project intends to provide a holistic view of all of Surrey’s labour, as well as provide analysis and projection of employer needs for the next 10 years.

Status:   In progress – sponsors welcome to assist in a project that will provide valuable data for SBOT members future planning.


The issue:   Manufacturing a Skilled Workforce

What it’s about:   Despite a variety of programs, grants and tax incentives there is no over-arching flexible opportunity to encourage employers and employees to work together to fill any skills gap. Employers spend less on training than in previous decades and attracting good workers has become challenging since wages have stagnated. SBOT developed an advocacy policy requesting that the federal government:

1. Develop an easily accessible and understood portal to the tax credits and grants currently available for individually-funded and employer-sponsored education expenditures,

2. Give due consideration to expanding tax credits and grants and be more flexible to assist businesses fill diverse and specific skills gaps as they emerge.

Manufacturing a Skilled Workforce

Result:   The BC Chamber of Commerce adopted the SBOT policy in May 2017; the policy has been submitted to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and has been endorsed by their Human Resources Policy Committee.

The issue:   Automation, are we ready?

What it’s about:   Many of the more repetitive duties are automated to reduce cost and provide relief to employees. However, are we moving too fast to automate and leaving workers behind? The team is examining the benefits and drawbacks of automation.

Status:  In progress

Memorandums of Understanding

With:  Industry Training Authority

Purpose:  To work together to provide information to employers on the benefits of apprenticeships; to gather data and key labour market information and identify potential trends; to introduce the trades in elementary and secondary schools; and, to promote each organization’s activities and events.

Status:  In progress

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