“We recently joined the Surrey Board of Trade and the experience has been incredible. The team has been nothing short of amazing. Prompt follow up, timely communication and also there to answer questions. I highly recommend joining the Surrey Board of Trade.”

John Glennon, Sandler Training


“We feel fortunate to be able to serve the Surrey business community – since 1973.
Being a Surrey Board of Trade member comes with invaluable business resources and connections. Thank you!”

Kane Shannon Weiler LLP


“Surrey Board of Trade truly brings value to your business whether you are a business owner yourself or just an employee of a business. I’m grateful for the staff and all working at the board to make Surrey a great place to do business. Bravo!”

Richard Earles, Dominion Lending Centres – Valley Financial Specialists


“I spent 21 years in Parliament and ran seven different departments. I didn’t always like what I heard from Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade but I knew that the advice they gave was invaluable. When elected officials listen to the businesses that invest in communities, employ people and provide a major portion of the tax base, they make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Everyone benefits.

Of the 450 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade in our network, none works harder or contributes more constructively to public policy nationally, provincially and locally than the Surrey Board of Trade. They are truly first-rate.”

Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce


“As a developer and builder in Surrey for the past decade and a half, the first membership I joined back then was with the Surrey Board of Trade; an organization that is definitely a must to belong to and well worth its weight in gold.

Without question, Anita Huberman’s leadership of sound fact-based decision making to boldly voice legitimate concerns that members have expressed have certainly been the driving force in attracting businesses to join regardless of its employee and financial size.

Anita, along with each member of the SBOT team, is responsive to issues raised, welcoming and encouraging to different ideas and most importantly supportive of our individual needs always taking the time to chat with us whether in person, via phone or email.

SBOT is a great organization and an integral contributor to Surrey’s growth.”

Charan Sethi, Tien Sher Group of Companies


“A smart and well-connected team. Partnering with the Surrey Board of Trade has been great for our business. They have such a deep network and fantastic relationships, I’m thankful to be a part of that.”

Ricky Bandelin, Blue Meta Media Ltd.


“Chambers are still the most reputable, influential and impactful business associations in Canada – and in BC our network is the biggest and broadest by a longshot. Job number one for a chamber is to listen to its members and the Surrey Board of Trade is very good at its job. Once a chamber knows what’s keeping businesses “up at night” they take those insights to government to drive change. Chambers and boards of trade are in the obstacle-removal business, for business.”

President and CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce


“I have been involved with the SBOT for 8 years as a member, as a Director, and now as a Development & Land Use team committee member. I have also had the privilege of chairing the SBOT Golf Tournament for the past 3 years.

The SBOT has opened up so many doors for me, both business and personal, that I never would have had, had I not been involved. Once becoming a small business owner for the first time, I was able to connect with fellow members and get all my health care covered at an extremely great price.

I would recommend the SBOT no matter how big or small the networking possibilities are endless!”

Steve Stew, SCS Consulting


“Becoming a member of the Surrey Board of Trade was the best decision ever made for XBa School of Dance. In a regular year, they are present and active, supporting us members in every way. In this extraordinary year of hardships and business devastation, the SBoT has stepped up more than any other organization. Anita Huberman‘s tireless championing for Surrey’s business community has made all the difference in my personal journey. Through these difficult weeks knowing that I could turn to SBoT staff and Anita for help and guidance has been what has kept me together. Grateful does not seem an adequate adjective; I am honoured and proud to be a member. Anita, you are a gift to all small business owners in Surrey.”

Nela Hallwas, XBa DanceCo


“I have been a member of the Surrey Board of Trade since my business opened in early 2018. My membership has been invaluable to me as I have participated in multiple events including business networking receptions, training sessions, and the Summer Sizzle series. The SBOT provides opportunities a small business would not have access to. A membership makes it possible for an owner to be encouraged and inspired long after their business’s doors first open. I encourage anyone starting a business in Surrey to make SBOT membership a priority.”

Sue Hodson, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic Guildford


“My experience with SBOT has been wonderful and exciting! As part of Coit Cleaning and Restoration Services, I enjoy the great networking functions, informational updates, and workshops.”

James Chung, Coit Cleaning and Restoration Services


“The biggest benefit from joining the SBOT has been connecting with other businesses in Surrey. The SBOT has supported us by providing networking events where we have direct contact to build connections and relationships with potential customers. Every event that we have attended has been very well organized and lots of fun! I highly recommend becoming an active member of the SBOT.”

Rob Mackay, Big Star Sandwich – Surrey Central


“SBOT – A stronger “Voice for Business” in our Community. Surrey Board Of Trade consists of dedicated team members – prompt service. Proud to be a member of the Surrey Board of Trade!”

Shabnam Khan, S.K Counselling Services