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Raveena Oberoi of Just Cakes Bakeshop shares the impact a 2 week lock down can have on a small business. To make up for the short fall Raveena was forced to cancel her wedding and use the money she had worked so hard to save up for. Thanks to the incredible ways the community supported her during this year, Just Cakes was proud to open up a second location in Cloverdale.

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Raveena Oberoi // Just Cakes Bakeshop

The thing that has helped keep Raveena sane during the pandemic is writing. As a young girl, she wrote about fantastical worlds. “Rather than stories now, I am writing conversations to myself, trying to make sense of this strange new world.  The most beautiful part of it is, I am choosing the lens through which I am describing my life. I think that is a beautiful, empowering thing. Writing can help ground you and keep you positive – even when everything around you seems anything but.”

What is the outlet in your life that brings you joy?

Just Cakes Bakeshop now has TWO locations to help satisfy your sweet tooth! Get your hands on a variety of pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and their famous cake-in-a-jar at either location.

Scott Rd: 5-7548 120 St Surrey BC | 604 503 5577
Cloverdale: 103-17767 64 Ave Surrey BC | 604 575 0264
(Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 12pm-6pm)