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Tracy Bell of La Belle Fleur Floral Boutique expresses her heartfelt gratitude towards the people of Surrey for the unbelievable ways in which they have supported her local business throughout the pandemic. La Belle Fleur has been a part of Surrey for over 25 years and it is because of this amazing community that Tracy can wake up and spread love and beauty every day.

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We all need someone who believes in us and pushes us towards our WHY. Tracy was lucky enough to find a mentor in her first boss Mr. Glen Webb who hired her when she was just 17 years old. Glen is the boss and father figure to whom Tracy credits her career. He helped her find her purpose in life. The Image to the left is the night before Tracy’s wedding, where he kept her company and helped her work on her very own bridal flowers.

As part of the Lavish Collection by La Belle Fleur, this spectacular vase design will stop everyone in their tracks! Want to impress? This is your design! Heaps of roses, hydrangea, snapdragons, gerberas, and orchids are clustered for maximum visual impact from any angle. Stunning! Visit La Belle Fleur Floral Boutique to see more beautiful floral designs!