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Annie Christiaens of The Heart Cloverdale tells us about the hard decisions business owners were forced to make during the pandemic. Annie is no stranger to the necessity of pivoting your business when times change. On March 20, 2020 she had to close her doors, lay off her staff and put all her focus into sustaining her business through online orders. With the support of the community behind her, Annie had the courage to brace for impact and tackle the unknown head on.

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Exactly one year ago, after closing her doors, Annie was sitting in front of her laptop struggling to figure out what she should tell her community about the future of The Heart Cloverdale. “I am unsure of a lot of things right now” she wrote, “I can’t wait to be in the KNOW again.”

Now one year later, here is what Annie knows for sure:

1. Love your community. They will love you right back when you need it most.
2. Connection. People NEED it. Having interactions with people online or in person reminds us all that there is a real person or family behind every small business.

“I’m so grateful my dream is still alive. Although it’s changed. It’s adapted. It’s still here. Because of you.”

What are some things you have learned this year?

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