BUILD YOUR BRIDGE 2017 – Mentorship Program

create connections | overcome challenges | strengthen relationships

Member Driven, Value Added

This program is exclusively designed by adult educators to support Surrey Board of Trade members develop their employees’ job-ready skills and to provide leadership opportunities for supervisors and managers. Drawing on strong interest in mentorship by SBOT members, and building on the success of the inaugural 2016 year, program participation will help members:

Mentors can attend FREE Orientation and Leadership/Coaching Workshops, where they learn practical methods to develop key workforce readiness skills in others, strengthen personal leadership capability, and recognize opportunities to return and share new skills and knowledge within their workplace.

“Great alignment with career and knowledge base…”
“My Protege was able to take the tips I offered and build a stronger network.”
“Mentorship programs are challenging but add real value to the Mentor & Protege.”
— 2016 Mentor

Proteges are provided a FREE Skills & Workplace Orientation and carefully matched to focus on enhancing practical job-ready skills in communication, cultural understanding, decision-making, critical thinking, and problem solving, along with developing and expanding their industry contact network.

“…A program with a lot of potential for future generations…”
“I became more confident and gained the courage to attend networking functions.”
“A good pairing… very successful!”
— 2016 Protege



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Broaden your competitive advantage by becoming a sponsor of the Surrey Board of Trade’s mentorship program. By sponsoring, you are telling the business community  that you value skills development and leadership initiatives. Through your brand, you will be influencing a better workforce for Surrey’s economic future. Sponsorship opportunities are exclusive – don’t miss your opportunity to have your logo prominently displayed on our marketing materials.

For more information on the program or to book your sponsorship package, contact Anne Peterson, or 604.634.0346, today.

Applications are now closed for 2017

Applications are now closed for MENTORS and PROTEGES. Please check back January 2018.

The program has been enhanced to reflect the diversity of business needs in Surrey. There are more options for applicants including choosing a targeted Career or Entrepreneurial path. We encourage all aspiring, experienced, and entrepreneurial people from all industries, and sectors, to participate in this exciting and unique opportunity.

NEW:  Send an email to to put your name on the reminder list. Those on the list will receive a reminder January 2018 to apply.

The fine print:

The Surrey Board of Trade, through the guidance of its Mentorship Advisors, is responsible for the matching of Mentors and Proteges. Every effort will be made to match all requests; however, SBOT cannot guarantee placement in the program as space is limited. Those not matched will be given priority in the next operating year. Further, we remind applicants that this program is not intended to be used for job search purposes. It is a unique opportunity to connect with a community partner and polish leadership and networking skills.

For more information, contact the Program Manager:  Anne Peterson MA, Policy & Research Manager, or 604.634.0346.