Surrey Board of Trade Supports Urban Mayors’ Caucus Blueprint for BC’s Urban Future

The Surrey Board of Trade sent letters to all Mayors in the BC Urban Mayors’ Caucus indicating support for their Blueprint for British Columbia’s Urban Future.

“As one of the 10 largest Boards of Trade/Chambers of Commerce in Canada (out of 450), the Surrey Board of Trade recognizes the importance of urban communities as engines of economic development,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade. “The four pillars outlined in the proposal present a solid economic recovery foundation for city-building investments.”

Investments in affordable housing, mental health, substance use and treatment, public transit, and a new fiscal relationship between provincial and municipal governments are critical. Home to key industries and their workers, medium- and high-density housing development opportunities, world-class healthcare facilities and post-secondary education institutions are vital.



Anita Huberman, 604-634-0342